8 December 2021

Discover the Crème Concealer that Goes Beyond the Cover-up!

Au Naturale Cosmetics is a innovative range of organic, vegan and gluten-free, “consciously chic” cosmetics taking the beauty industry by storm.

Perfect for the Winter months when skin gets drier, their range of Crème Concealers offer benefits beyond coverage of blemishes and under-eye circles; they gently soothe and nourish the delicate skin around the eye area, provide just the right amount of long-lasting coverage, and diffuse light from the problem areas, delivering a flawless look.

The key ingredients that set Au Naturale Cosmetics’ Crème Concealer apart and deliver exceptional, visible results include:

  1. USDA Certified Organic, Non-GMO Jojoba Oil – is oil nearly identical to the naturally occurring sebum in our skin and moisturizes and nourishes.
  2. Natural Rosemary Oil – possesses anti-inflammatory qualities and therefore helps keep puffiness to a minimum. It also helps stimulate cell regeneration, increases firmness and improves overall skin tone.
  3. USDA Extra Virgin Olive Oil – plumps and moisturizes skin with vitamins E and A.
  4. Arrowroot Powder – softens skin, as well as help to reduce blemishes and abrasions.

The crème concealers come in an array of colors, sure to match every skin tone. They are versatile enough to work as both a color corrector and eye shadow base. 

Apply crème concealer product with your concealer brush using gentle brush strokes as not to irritate your sensitive eye area or blemishes.

Au Naturale Cosmetics’ aspired to create each of the 7 concealer shades to compliment a Powder or Crème Foundation shade in their line, for a flawless look. Available shades include:

  1. • Ecru (matches Porcelain Foundation) for fair skin tones with neutral to cool undertones.
  2. • Oaxaca (matches Seville Foundation) Light to Medium with neutral undertones.
  3. • Beige (matches Sand Foundation) for Light skin tones with neutral undertones.
  4. • Buff (matches Marino Foundation) for Medium-light skin tones.
  5. • Almond (matches Mallorca Foundation) for those with medium skin tone and deep golden undertones.
  6. • Tawney (matches Cali Foundation) dark skin tones with golden undertones.
  7. • Walnut (matches Punaluu Foundation) dark skin tones with neutral/golden undertones.

Inspired by the belief that no woman should have to sacrifice her health and values for beauty, Au Naturale Cosmetics are made of only the highest quality ingredients free from lead, fragrances, parabens, nano-particles and sulfates often found in other makeup lines. Ashley Prange, the company’s founder is definitely a fan of the concealer, “I use this product every single day — under my eyes, on the red areas under my nose, and on any blemishes I may have. It effortlessly blends onto my skin lending optimal coverage. I am really happy with how we both formulated this product using all natural and organic ingredients, while also achieving professional coverage.”

Au Naturale Cosmetics’ Crème Concealer comes in a 5.5 ounce size, retails for $24 and can be ordered directly from www.aunaturaleglow.com


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