26 September 2022

Bald is Beautiful – A Unique Calendar to Fight Alopecia

It all started with a lighthearted joke but soon became a serious project. Pretty Bald is a 2015 calendar designed to raise awareness about alopecia. And the models? All bald…

In English, the words bald and bold are pronounced in very similar ways, so it’s a funny coincidence that the two terms can be appropriately applied to the calendar Pretty Bald, an initiative by twelve British girls suffering from alopecia, who didn’t shrink from being photographed without clothes or hair.

Victoria Shorts, founder of the project, explained: “We were looking for an interesting way to raise awareness about alopecia and raise funds at the same time. Just as a joke I said that we could make a calendar of nude and bald models – to my surprise another eleven girls took the idea seriously! We may not be top models but the photo results are really good and I hope that lots of people will buy the calendar to hang in their house.”

Michael Leigh, owner of the main sponsor company Follea, said: “When Victoria invited us to take part in this truly innovative calendar project, we didn’t think twice. It took a lot of courage from twelve girls to make it all come true. Follea wants to support the right to fight alopecia”.

The calendar went on sale in September at the price of £10 plus £3.20 for postage and packing. Interested buyers can visit www.prettybald.co.uk. The funds collected will be donated to Alopecia UK, a charity association that works to raise public awareness on the topic and funds research.

Whatsmore, the Pretty Bald organization encourages all bald people to send photos of themselves to info@prettybald.co.uk, or tweet @PrettyBald. Shouting it as loud and far as possible – Bald is Beautiful!



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