8 December 2021

BaByliss PRO ItaliaBrava… now with 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

At BaBylissPRO, they are so confident in the superior performance of the ItaliaBrava that now they guarantee every stylist purchase!

Within 30 days of buying the ItaliaBrava, any stylist has the ability to return the dryer to the authorized distributor they purchased it from for a full refund if they don’t agree it is the best hair dryer they have ever used. The ItaliaBrava has it all! The MaxLife PRO brushless engine that powers the ItaliaBrava offers stylists faster drying, lighter weight, quieter operation and significantly longer life. It truly is in a class by itself with improvements to all important attributes of a hair dryer.

The ItaliaBrava is for anyone and everyone focused on top performance:

  1. – Salons whose business demands the finest performing tools to turn the most clients in a day. The ItaliaBrava allows them to style more clients in less time!
  2. – Stylists who seek the tools to make them better at their craft. The ItaliaBrava is faster, lighter and lasts longer!
  3. – Clients who will settle for nothing but the best looking hair. The ItaliaBrava delivers beautiful, healthy looking hair by drying and styling with faster air while exposing it to less heat damage!

All of this equates to what the ItaliaBrava delivers on, and what BaBylissPRO is so confident in that they are guaranteeing the piece… true performance that pays for itself! Value of a hair dryer is not only found in the price of it. BaBylissPRO‘s luxury dryer is the only one of its kind that dries and styles hair as quickly as it does, while lasting beyond anything previously imagined. An average dryer will need to be replaced up to 15 times over the life of just one ItaliaBrava that outperforms it to begin with!

BaBylissPRO™ and Ferrari combine Italian style and advanced technology for a dream dryer… ultra-light power at your fingertips.

Back in 2010 BaBylissPRO™ and Ferrari set out with their combined 140 years of engineering expertise to create the world’s first professional luxury hair dryer, the BaBylissPRO™ Volare®. Today Ferrari, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-performance luxury automobiles, and BaByliss, a leading manufacturer of top-quality professional hair appliances, have done it once again, this time with even more spectacular specs and in a sleek and trendy bright yellow design that screams performance and efficiency.

The BaBylissPRO™ItaliaBrava™ is made in Italy and powered by the newly-developed MaxLife™PRO brushless engine. Most dryers have carbon brushes that eventually wear out, eventually causing the motor to fail. So the break-through innovation is that these standard brushes have been replaced by four powerful, rare earth magnets. This means that, with no brushes, the ItaliaBrava™ has a tremendously longer lifespan of up to 10,000 hours, giving you more drying power for your money. In addition to this revolutionary technology, the entire package was also developed with the stylist’s comfort in mind, mostly because such an advancement results in a balanced, lightweight hairdryer that produces ultra-low vibrations. Moreover, there is a noise-reducing removable filter and 9 feet of cord for less stress and increased freedom behind the chair.

And just maybe because BaBylissPRO™ItaliaBrava™ is designed and constructed in Italy, a nation with such a deeply-rooted artistic heritage, all the performance characteristics you need to express your creativity are in place, too. Things like 12 speed and temperature settings, up to 50% faster drying, a lock-in turbo boost, a 5KV ionic generator, and a cold shot button to set styles are all at your fingertips.

Performance that pays for itself! Now you have the power to style more clients in less time!


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