21 July 2024

Michael Haase Blog: Please allow me to introduce myself…

Please allow me to introduce myself. You may know me as the owner of Salon Platinum Black in Los Angeles or as a Top Wella Artist. You may have seen my styles on runways or in the pages of a magazine. Or, perhaps you’re wondering, “Who is this Michael Haase character, anyway?

My experience has been nurtured over the course of many years and with the help of too many mentors to name, but I’d like to tell you a bit about the path that led me here. I grew up the son of troubadour acrobats in the colorful world of the European circus, which could be an ongoing column in and of itself. When I came to the US as a teenager, I pretty much went directly to Woodstock. Through connections made there, I landed at Andy Warhol’s NYC loft – in the thick of a now infamous scene of music, style, art and fashion.

After finishing beauty school, I spent two whole days sitting in the lobby at Vidal Sassoon waiting for an opportunity to speak to the man himself. Somehow, I convinced him to give me a job and became the youngest stylist ever to join the core team at Vidal Sassoon… it was at that moment that idea of aligning myself with the right mentor could make or break my career, my creativity and my direction. Everything was coming to light.

These tales are not a claim of bragging rights. With the benefit of hindsight, I realize the amazing good fortune of those experiences and connections. They formed the foundation for my career and this is my opportunity to help share the art, technique and careers of today’s stylists. And, it is with pleasure that I look forward to doing so as an Estetica contributor.

In the coming months I’ll be offering insights, ideas and advice, sharing my passion for all things hair –cutting, coloring and styling– to help you on the never-ending journey of perfecting your craft.

We’ll get started next month, with a look at my take on the Holiday “Glam Girl” and specific tips for translating concepts and styles to the clients in your chair.

Until then… and remember, as a hairstylist, education is a want, not a need.

© Michael M. Haase


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