2 June 2023

Di Biase Hair Extensions USA Transforms Mrs. America!

Di Biase Hair Extensions USA was showcased at the recent national Mrs. America Pageants where Michelle Evans (Mrs. Oklahoma) was crowned Mrs. America and graciously competed alongside fellow Di Biase Hair Extension participants, Megan Warnick (Mrs. Delaware), Whitney Jarrett Besdeda (Mrs. Texas), and Danette Gavin Anderson (Mrs. Virginia).

CEO for Di Biase Hair Extensions USA, Vikki Parman, and Di Biase Hair Extensions USA felt extremely privileged to work with the contestants and the many contributors behind the scenes. Parman notes, “We are proud of all these women. The amount of time and dedication they put into the competition is amazing. They are all breathtaking women with life missions that are inspiring.” Three of Di Biase Hair Extensions USA contestant clients finished in the top 12 of Mrs. America: Mrs. Virginia, Mrs. Oklahoma and Mrs. Texas. Parman continues, “One of the most exciting moments was when three of our four ladies made the top 12. I thought that was very cool… although, I was thinking that all four should have been selected. Of course with Michelle winning, that was thrilling!”

Parman was the hairstylist behind the winning Mrs. America hairstyle. For Michelle Evans’s dazzling look Parman created a sleek hairstyle.  Parman shares, “We gave her some long layers. Michelle has very thick, dark and beautiful hair. Her hair was all one length and very heavy. My approach was to create longer layers as opposed to the single layer she had when we began the application process. We used the extensions for haircolor accents and to add highlights to her hair. Next, I styled her hair straight, shiny and sleek, which turned out to be a really good thing and became the talk of the pageant.” In the history of the Mrs. America pageant only two other contestants had been crowned Mrs. America with their hair worn down.

Nicole West, a Dallas based makeup artist, who created the total look with Parman, commented on the Michelle’s hairstyle during the prep, “Michelle needs to wear her hair like that. It looks fabulous and she should wear it like that for the pageant.” The buzz surrounding Michelle’s hairstyle was the talk of the pageant and she was referred as “the girl with the pretty hair”, which solidified Parman and Pageant Director, Tracy Iverson Crist’s decision to have Michelle wear her hair down during the completion.

COO of Di Biase Hair Extensions USA, Dale Aho adds, “We can’t claim credit, but we have gotten to know these ladies and we are so proud for them. Vikki has spent time out there, applying the hair extensions, helping many of these wonderful women, and not just those with our extensions. It is truly very exciting for us to be a part of it!”

Aho shares, “Although our focus will always be on regular hair clients, including those with troubled hair, we are thrilled to see our extensions being worn and valued by wonderful women in the national spotlight.” Di Biase Hair Extensions USA was also featured at Miss America in Atlantic City with Miss Michigan and Miss Texas; along with the reigning/outgoing Mrs. America herself. The extensions were also worn by two of the top state pageant directors; at the Miss Texas USA pageant by the reigning Miss Texas USA; and also by AshLee Frazier who currently appears on the television show Bachelor in Paradise.
For more information please visit: www.DiBiaseHairUSA.com



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