6 February 2023

Make it Work: Overcoming Scheduling Challenges in the Hair Salon

What’s the plan when a client isn’t booked out for enough time but they want a creative color and cut? “You make it work,” says Joi Rooks, owner of fresche salon in Atlanta, Georgia. 

“When this first time client came in, she had booked her appointment on line and did not book it properly, so I did not have enough time booked to create the creative color pattern and a whole new look she requested. Immediately, I was bummed because I really wanted to do these services for her. I initially thought, “No way, not enough time,” even my assistant was telling me to ask her to come back another day. But, I knew if I sent her away, she may go somewhere else and I really wanted to do it. I asked her if she could be patient and allow me to fit her into my schedule that day, and she was very excited and thankful that I would even try to make this work. Sometimes, your schedule on the computer makes it look like you are more booked, and don’t really have any “play” time. But, being an experienced stylist for over 24 years, I know what I can do and how I can make something work. I mapped out her color and clipped up my section and had my assistant take notes on the color formulas I needed mixed and she was responsible for preparing them for me,” explains Rooks

“By the time I was finished with the plan, 4 color bowls were waiting for me and I began to paint. If you use your time wisely, plan it out, have an assistant to help you and make sure the client knows you are working this in so they have to be patient… it will almost always work out. And you will gain a loyal very happy new client out of it. I did not think I would be able to cut her hair too, but I finished the client before her a bit sooner than expected and as I was blow drying her beautiful new color I started the conversation about her haircut (that was going to be done a week or two later).  When I finished drying her, I realized again, I can make this work and she can have it all today. So, I was able to do a dry cut on her and create this beautiful haircut that showcased her amazing fun color underneath,” says Rooks.

Why does Rooks make it work? “It’s actually very invigorating for me – it challenges me to be creative on the fly and to not be so rigid about my schedule,” she adds.

The result? A dimensional red with peekaboo blonde and a geometric razor cut to show it off!

Try these time saving tips too!

  1. • Have assistants do the blow drying, teach them how to do it “your” way.
  2. • Map out color sections while assistant mixes the formulas.
  3. • Utilize Pinterest as a consultation tool to showcase work and inspirations.


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