24 June 2024

Cure by Chiara – Fighting Breast Cancer with I.C.O.N. Products

I.C.O.N. professional products create new micro-line and true problem solver to cure hair textures of all kinds. Created to help the fight against breast cancer, the hair of those affected by the disease and the most unruly tresses of everyday heads, Cure by Chiara heals all.

Behind every great product is usually a life altering story, rife with dilemma and no solution in sight. I.C.O.N.’s newest release, Cure by Chiara, is the meaningful conclusion to the Co-Founder’s year long epic with Breast Cancer, and life long commitment to fighting the disease. After a most intimate battle with Breast Cancer, I.C.O.N.’s Co-Founder/Creative Director and Product Developer Chiara recognized the immediate need for a professional hair care line to help heal and manage all textures of hair; especially strands altered by the effects of chemotherapy and radiation. On Oct. 1, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the international brand launches its revolutionary product line.

Cure by Chiara is I.C.O.N.’s expansion of its flagship product and top seller, Cure Replenishing Spray. Originally developed to condition, soothe, hydrate and cure damaged hair as a leave-in product, Cure has now become catalyst to its entire line. “Creating a micro-brand by extending the Cure name is the logical extension of a product that has come to define the word. Cure means to heal,” Chiara explains. After a year long battle with Breast Cancer that included a double mastectomy, aggressive chemotherapy, radiation and multiple reconstructive surgeries, Chiara developed the Recover Shampoo and Double Body Serum to manage the noticeable change in her hair texture. “The chemicals my body consumed to treat the disease changed both my hair texture and manageability,” Chiara expounded.

Retailing at $95 for the trio, I.C.O.N.’s Salon Lab specially formulated Cure by Chiara to revive, rejuvenate and repair hair. Active ingredients include: color-protecting Prodew 500, strengthening Quinoa and Tripeptides, breakage reducing extracts, moisturizing Aloe, soothing and shining Silk Protein, smoothing Panthenol, elasticizing Pro Vitamin B-5 and hair loss preventive B-3. Cure by Chiara’s products works to enrich texture by changing the its balance with all types of hair, smoothing and softening wilder textures and encouraging body in textures that are fine and flat, making it usable for all, regardless of cultural or ethnic background.

Alongside Cure by Chiara’s debut into the beauty market, I.C.O.N. has aligned with Stop Cancer (www.StopCancer.org) to attach as its beneficiary, donating twenty-percent of all its proceeds. “Long before I was a survivor, I was an advocate for the cure, life made sure of that,” Chiara expressed.  Losing her mother to Breast Cancer and watching her sister’s parallel journey with the disease firsthand solidified her resolve to join the fight prior to her own diagnosis. $150,000 has been raised in research grants through Stop Cancer and I.C.O.N.’s “Cure For A Cause” partnership to date. Stop Cancer was chosen specifically on account of their relationship with UCLA’s Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center, where one dollar in-kind donations are matched to every dollar raised to pay for utilities, researchers, materials needed and building expenses – everything needed for research.

While Chiara is determined to continue to raise funds for research organizations all over the world and tame hair’s texture in the process, the quest to cure cancer will never go out of style with I.C.O.N. Products.

For more information, please visit www.iconproducts.com


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