26 February 2024

Leader of the Month: OMC World President Salvatore Fodera

With immeasurable talent and an eye that can measure a hair’s breath, Salvatore Fodera is internationally renowned in two different worlds.

Around the world, within the Professional Salon Industry, he is internationally acknowledged as the master for having won more hair styling competition medals than any other hair designer.

Salvatore is also OMC World President –the largest World Hairdressing Organization– as well as OMC Prestige Club Founder & CEO.

OMC (Organisation Mondiale Coiffure) the global leader of the hairstyling profession, has been existing since 1946. The Organization is represented by 3 official delegates from each member country, who have the right to vote and hold positions on the Zone and World Boards. The World Organization is represented by a Board of Directors, composed of Global Directors and Zone Presidents.

Estetica is proud to share with our readers our exclusive interview with such an incredible force in the industry, Salvatore Fodera.

1. What has it been like on your journey to the forefront of OMC (Organisation Mondiale Coiffure)?
“On my journey to the forefront of OMC my life has been, and still is, entirely devoted to our hairdressing profession. In my life I have been a hairdresser, a national delegate, a juror, a Vice-President, all this leading to my current status as the World President of OMC. And I took every step with the same pleasure and passion – the passion for our trade and to do whatever best I could to make it one of the most prestigious in the world.”

2. Tell us about what’s in store for the OMC in the next months?
OMC is on the starting blocks for the Europe Cup in Ekaterinburg, Russia on November 16 and 17. Registration deadline is soon and tension and suspense are growing as we are approaching the date. After Ekaterinburg we will have the OMC Asia Cup in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on May 17 and 18, 2015. The venue of the OMC Europe Cup 2015 will be announced soon, together with the World Jury Seminar OMC’s judges must attend to get their Juror Certification, allowing them to judge in OMC international competition and the World Cup in Seoul, Korea in 2016.”

3. How have things changed over the years at OMC?
“OMC is always striving to move along with latest evolutions and technologies and to be flexible and adaptable. Latest technologies have made it possible for OMC to work on a worldwide basis 24/7 with independent freelancers and companies. This keeps the organization constantly moving, always in some part of the world people are busy working for OMC. OMC is an organization that never sleeps!

4. OMC’s next big appointment is in Russia (Ekaterinburg), what can hairstylists anticipate?
“The OMC Europe Cup in Ekaterinburg is a premiere in this city. We know Moscow and the outstanding events we had there – World Championship in 2006, several European Championships and Seminars. Russia is a reliable partner for OMC for the organization of memorable championships and we are convinced that the Europe Cup in Ekaterinburg will be one great event we will be able to add to Russia’s and OMC’s outstanding record.”

5. What are some of the toughest adversities you’ve had to face in your career?
“What were the toughest adversities? To be honest with you – I cannot say. When you have an ultimate passion for what you do, which is my case for OMC, you take every “adversity” for a challenge. You do whatever you can to get things right and all you think and want is to find the way how to get there. Actually, for me the ultimate challenge is to have a great, transparent, top of the line organization all hairdressers worldwide can be proud of.”

6. What are the ideal qualities a leader must possess?
“I think the most important quality a leader must possess is a vision. And he must do everything to make this vision a reality – with commitment, hard work, patience and persistence. And as the saying goes: Never, never, never give up.”

7. What were some pivotal moments in your career and your major achievements?
“There were several pivotal moments. The first one when I decided to start competitions. I was a hairdresser, I loved my job, and I thought that competitions would bring additional excitement and challenge. And it did! Imagine the magic moment when after all the time, passion and commitment you become a World Champion. It shows you that when you have the motivation, you can reach the moon. And here I decided to go even further and put all my devotion into being one of these excellent people who work for our trade and make it better. I started as a national delegate and judge, then went international with OMC, taking one step at a time, until finally I reached the top. Maybe the decisive pivotal moment was when I held the World Cup in my hands, aiming to give such a magic moment of a lifetime to many young hairdressers to come.
Among the major achievements I am especially proud of is the introduction of OMC Trademark Schools / Academies, that give hairdressing schools worldwide the opportunity to use the OMC Trademark in their school / academy curricula, enabling their students to pass the OMC Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum levels of further competition education.
Another achievement is the creation of the OMC World Best Online Photo Competition, where every hairdresser can participate. This competition constitutes an excellent platform for hairdressers who want to present their work, get involved in competition and become known worldwide.
The creation of 65 Look&Learn. The step-by-step instructions on these DVDs were put together by our most excellent World Champions and give every indication on how to create winning hairstyles on the competition floor and back home in the salon. All DVDs can be purchased online at www.omchairworld.com

8. What can attendees expect from the 2016 OMC HAIRWORLD in Korea? What has it been like planning for that big event?
“OMC was most gratified when OMC Korea, along with other valuable applicants, proposed to be the host of the OMC World Cup 2016. We already had a very successful World Cup in Korea back in 1998 and only good memories. Korea is ready to take the challenge after our mega-event OMC Hairworld 2014 in Frankfurt, Germany. And I believe that Korea is ready – we will have an exceptional event there. Of course, preparations have started long ago, as a World Cup is an event that needs long-term planning and involvement. Up to now everything is running smoothly. We are in time. But then, as always, the closer we get, the more the adrenaline level rises and we feel the sparkles in the air. That World Cup in Korea will be another unforgettable event.”

9. What differentiates the different Cup Opens that OMC hosts opposed to Hairworld?
The Hairworld World Cup is global. It can take place in any part of the world and is seen as one overall mega-event where every hair and beauty professional wants to go. It can be compared to the Olympic Games. For every ambitious competitor it is a must to compete at least once in a World Cup. The Zone Cups are particular to each Zone. We have the Americas Cup, the Asia Cup, the Europe Cup. The Zone Cups are very important in the career of the competitors, as they represent the final decisive step towards the World Cup. Usually all countries of the concerned Zones are represented. And here as well, competitors from all over the world can come and compete.”

10. What changes would you like to make in this industry?
“We have come a long way since the hairdressing and beauty industry started international competitions in 1946. The events have become ever more exciting and high-standard. I think we are on the right path. One thing is very particular to our industry – every, but really every hairdresser loves his/her profession. I would propose to every hairdresser to go ahead, improve the standard. If there is any change to make, it would be to become even better.”



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