6 October 2022

Get the Look: ‘The Scouse Geisha’ at Joseph SS2015 with Wella Professionals’ Eugene Souleiman

Wella Professionals Global Creative Director, Eugene Souleiman, gave the pony tail a moment in the spotlight backstage at Joseph SS’15, London Fashion Week!

The hair look at the Joseph S/S ’15 show in London, took on a West meets East aesthetic, described by Wella Professionals’ Global Creative Director Eugene Souleiman, as ‘Scouse Geisha.’ The Scouse element coming from the strict effect of the hair being pulled back from the face, a look reminiscent of Northern Britain, and the hint of Geisha coming from the beautiful sculpted pony tail at the back of the head.

The hair look brilliantly complemented the Japanese inspired clothing collection, featuring kimono influenced shapes mixed with a luxe sportswear mood. “I wanted to create a hair look that was simple and pure and looked as if something had been taken away. I was drawn to the idea of playing with tension so the front section was very modern and aerodynamic and this gave way to a much softer, sculpted effect at the back of the head. It was important to me to create a look that had crafted detail but not in an obvious way, where different points of interest were revealed gradually,” said Eugene.

Get the Look!

  1. 1. Wash and condition hair using Wella Professionals Brilliance Shampoo and Conditioner.
    2. Roughly dry the hair, turning the head the head upside down and blasting the roots to create volume.
    3. Once dry spray roots with Wella Professionals Ocean Spritz to create a raw, textured feeling.
    4. Section off a circular section of hair at the back of the crown, and using a soft bristle brush, pull the hair back in to a pony tail, spraying with Wella Professionals Stay Essential Finishing Spray as you pull back. Bind the hair with elastic to a depth of around 10cm to ensure that the pony tail sits away from the head.
    5. Now take the remaining hair (leaving a veil of hair at the front of the head), section by section and brush back to create an outer pony tail, encircling the original one. Spray Wella Professionals Stay Essential Finishing Spray on the roots as you brush to give a smooth, taut finish.  Bind the ponytail on to the bound base.
    6. Brush the veil of hair backwards to create a smooth effect; this should stick to the existing hairspray.
    7. Next, dry the hair using a diffuser. Once the hair is completely dry, snip the elastic on both the ponytails, and brush the hair through. Use a straightening iron to remove the elastic line.
    8. Pull the hair back in to a pony tail level with the bottom of the ears. Tie with an elastic then gently pull the elastic around 10cm down the shaft of the pony tail to create a baggy effect beneath the tail.
    9. Finally pin the pony tail close to the head, ‘squashing’ the baggy section underneath to form a loose Geisha style wave.
    10. Finish off with a liberal amount of Wella Professionals Stay Essential Finishing Spray.

Photos: Imaxtree.com/Wella Professionals



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