5 December 2021

NYFW Get the Look: Rodney Cutler and ULTA Beauty for Tadashi Shoji

The Venetian inspired lace and varied textures of the fabrics in the Tadashi Shoji Spring/Summer 2015 collection compelled acclaimed stylist Rodney Cutler to create a simple yet strong silhouette.

“In the way Tadashi chose to take the classic lace in a new direction, I created a modern lace of my own, reflected in the horizontal chignon braid,” explains Lead Stylist, Rodney Cutler for ULTA Beauty.

Hair Step-by-Step:

  1. 1. Rodney blew hair out straight using a flat brush.
  2. 2. He then created a strong center part and secured hair into sleek ponytail using a fine bristle brush before securing with an elastic at the nape of the neck. 
  3. 3. Depending on hair thickness, Rodney worked a dime to quarter size dollop of Redken Velvet Gelatine 07Cushioning Blow Dry Gel into the ponytail to prep for additional styling.
  4. 4. He then wove hair into a tight, smooth, classic braid and secured with a tie at the bottom of the hair shaft.
  5. 5. Next, the braid was pulled to the left side of the head and secured with bobby pins. Folding the hair over itself, and towards the right side of the head, Rodney created a horizontal chignon the bottom of the head. Folding was repeated until the length of the braided ponytail is secured to the head using pins.
  6. 6. The look was finished with Redken Fashion Work 12Versatile Working Spray for additional shine and hold.


Photo: Cutler Salon


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