2 June 2023

#NYFW Aveda Trend Report: Richard Chai Spring/Summer 2015

It was all about individuality and the character at Richard Chai’s Spring/Summer 2015 Collection debut. To keep things cool and chic, Aveda Guest Artist Frank Rizzieri created a minimal look for the hair that had edge, distinction and texture.

Girls: Cool Kids Straight, Bendy Texture

“We worked with each girl’s natural hair, where it falls and her type of texture for an overall wet/dry look,” Rizzieri said. “It was as if she had hopped out of the shower, ran her fingers through her hair and the hair started drying; certainly the cool girl’s style.”

  • How to Get the Look
    Step 1: Brush out the length of the hair with an Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush and then prep it with Smooth InfusionNaturally Straight to add straightness throughout.
  • Step 2: For curly and wavy hair, use a blow dryer and round brush to pull hair out and straighten down in a loose, gentle motion to create a loosely straightened style.
    Step 3: Once straight, begin to mist hair with Pure AbundanceStyle Prep™ slowly saturating hair to create a slightly wet appearance and adding a bend throughout the length of the hair.
    Step 4: Create a solid center down the middle of the hair and work the top sides toward the back while misting, pulling the top sections behind the ears.
    Step 5: Apply another round of Pure AbundanceStyle Prep™ while tousling the hair with the hands add slight bends and waves for subtle texture.
  • Step 6: Set the final look with a spray of Control ForceFirm Hold Hair Spray.

Boys: Cool Kids, Tousled Texture

“For the guys, we played up the men’s natural hair, to create a lived in, easy texture,” Rizzieri said. “It was about the guy that went out the night before and this is the hair he woke up with; then he ran his fingers through his hair and started his day; definitely a cool guy statement.”

  • How to Get the Look
    Step 1: Look for the natural fall of the hair to let it lie where it wants to fall.
  • Step 2: For curly and wavy hair, use a blow dryer to smooth out kinks.
    Step 3: To create the vibe that the hair is lived in, apply Pure AbundanceHair Potion for texture.
  • Step 4: Use the fingers and hands to really scrunch up the hair for an overall sculpted look.
    Step 5: Work fingers through the top of the hair, tousling it to the desired shape.
  • Step 6: Set the final look with a spritz of Control ForceFirm Hold Hair Spray.



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