6 October 2022

Mikel Luzea and Yaellagazelle triumph in New York sponsored by Revlon Professional

The event was a fusion of a hair and fashion during New York Fashion Week, and was held this Thursday, September 4 at the headquarters of the Spanish Benevolent Society in New York, with the exclusive sponsorship of Revlon Professional.

Mikel Luzea presented yesterday with overwhelming success, his latest hairstyling collections. The event was sponsored by Revlon Professional, and the models wore creations by designer Yael Barnatán, daughter of Elena Benarroch.

This event brought together a large representation of the international press, VIPs, bloggers and influencers in the world of beauty and fashion to Manhattan for New York Fashion Week. The event staged the perfect fusion of fashion and hairdressing in a unique, never seen before setting.

Mikel Luzea had two very different inspirations. On one hand, he had his Kizkur collection (a Basque term meaning ‘curls’) through new textures and volumes, and a perfect combination with hair accessories from Esperanza Vela. On the other hand, his Argia collection, which executed super clarified techniques and colors like turquoise, pink, lavender or peach by Revlon Professional.

Meanwhile, Yaellagazelle captured the different roots of its designer and creative director Yael Barnatán. With origins as diverse as Africa or South America, the collection ranges from ethnic and Andean, with vivid colors and textures reminiscent of old dyes. European background makes Yael create versatile pieces, thanks to its reversibility, resulting in some urban and chic in the same garment. Fox, mouton, kalgan or weasel were combined with African fabrics.

For Mikel Luzea, one of Spain’s most international hairdressers, this event has been “a unique opportunity to promote the Spanish Hairdressing to the rest of the world” and a “very important” challenge in his career. “Usually, hairdressing plays a secondary role to fashion. With this show we ensured that the hair was the center stage and that fashion served as a complement of luxury.”



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