10 December 2023

Get the Look: Matt Fugate for CHI Hair Care creates “Cool Chic Just Out of the Water” at NYFW

Designer Alina German presented her Spring/Summer 2015 Collection for New York Fashion Week presented by CHI Hair Care and Inglot Cosmetics.

Alina’s conceptual approach of using time-honored techniques combined with modern materials enables her designs to possess a level of inherent drama and theatricality. The collection inspired lead hair stylist Matt Fugate to create “Cool Chic Just Out of the Water.” His look combines step-by-steps that are simple but at the same time, simple has to be special. The hair is über glossy, perfectly straight like it just came out of the water but still has an edge to it.

The “Inspiration” from Lead Stylist Matt Fugate for CHI Hair Care

“As we go into Fashion Week in the fall it’s so different than the summer because I feel like in September, when kids go back to school, everybody else goes back to blowouts. So you’re going to start seeing much cleaner hair, and you’re going to get rid of all the beachy waves. Instead, you’re going to see more polished chic looks, because you want your hair to last longer in the fall,” say Matt Fugate for CHI

Get The Look

“We wanted the hair to look edgy, not dirty and messy.”

1. Part the hair over the ears on each side to separate the front from the back. Spray CHI Style & Stay onto a boar bristle brush and work product onto back section of hair starting from the ends and working up to the mid shaft.

2. Using the CHI G2 Ceramic & Titanium Digital Hairstyling Iron, run iron through back section of hair to smooth sleek and bone straight. Then for the top back section of hair, lightly spray CHI Iron Guard Style & Stay onto hair and work product through with bristle brush.

3. For the top crown section, hold hair vertically and flatiron in an upward motion while spraying additional CHI Iron Guard Style & Stay.

4. For around the hairline, wet the hair with a few sprays of CHI 44 Iron Guard Style & Spray then insert a comb into front of hairline and flip over while drying hair with the DURA CHI Dryer for a more uniform finish. Follow up by lifting the comb up and allow the dryer to blow underneath to avoid creases.

5. For each side section around the face, create vertical partings and spraying CHI Iron Guard Style & Stay and flatiron the hair. Occasionally run a bristle brush through hair to smooth.

6. Squeeze CHI Pliable Polish onto your finger and run over the teeth of a cutting comb, evenly applying only to wider parts of the teeth. Next take the comb with product on it and run through front of hairline combing 1 inch out. For the sides, use your finger to push product into hair.

7. To finish, dry hair with a DURA CHI Dryer (on low setting) and placing a sock on the end of the nozzle to serve as a soft diffuser. Place a few anchor bobby pins behind the ears to push the hair back and create memory in the hair and mist top of hair with CHI Iron Guard Style & Stay. To achieve s sleek smooth finish, apply CHI Shine Infusion to the bottom potion of hair. Remove pins once hair is in place to complete the look.

Matt says: I would describe this look as just being very modern and cool. If you’re going to wear your hair straight, you have to have something more to it. The main techniques and results come from the CHI products. The CHI Pliable Polish is really the hero here as it gives you that wet look but doesn’t make it look messy. We don’t want greasy, we just want cool edgy because the make-up with lips being the focal point. That is why we paired the hair being so straight and natural with just a little bit of edge there as well. Our CHI Team wanted to amplify the clothing as opposed to having the hair and make-up overpower the look.”

How to bring this look to your client:

“So if you want to do this on a day-to-day basis with your clients while in your chair, you want them to realize that a little product goes a long way. Obviously at fashion week we really want the hair not to be a focal point but, in normal day-to-day life you don’t want to overdo product in the hair. If you use a product like this to create this really nice wet look; I suggest using it like you have got that combed through just come out of the water look. You want awesome. You want that just slicked my hair back coming from the beach type of feel. To achieve just use a little bit of product. To help get these looks, apply the product to the comb and comb through the hair. This is a great way to do this. Remember you can always go back and apply more. Otherwise, once you have too much there’s not much you can do.”


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