26 September 2022

Braidmania, 20 ideas for creative hair braids

This season you just can’t do without this hairdressing classic. Here are the most outstanding versions found on the web!

High, low, or sideswept. Fishtail or French? Braids are selected not only for simple girlish looks to whip up in the morning and last all day, but they are also seen more and more often walking down the aisle or on the red carpet for their versatility and the magical allure they are capable of conveying.

Among the most classic braids is the French braid, to be worn soft or fixed firmly at the nape of the neck, making it perfect for both sportswear or for events requiring a certain restraint. The latest rage for more informal daytime or evening events is the fishtail, which can be worn down the back or over the shoulder for a more original look, or a rope style, made with just two strands of hair for a futuristic style.

Feminine and romantic, Dutch braids, where the hair forms a sort of crown around the head, are perfect for those seeking a more sophisticated or even rétro air. For those who want a royal look instead, the best choice is the waterfall braid (or the braided half-tail): in this case the braid involves some of the hair to create a sort of tiara at the nape of hte neck, while the rest of the hair falls loose over the shoulders.

Photos: Instagram



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