18 May 2024

Tie One On with Joico!

At Joico they think that creating a gorgeous hairstyle shouldn’t tie you up in knots. But that said, it’s perfectly okay to include a few in your ‘do!

Which is why we turned to Joico Advisor, Kasia Milon, for some of the hottest new headgear creations coming down the pike – looks that require nothing more than a simple tie or scarf, plus a few great styling products to keep it all in place. Here, the easy how-to’s that will make you leader of the band…

Flower Power (LEFT): tiny, bloom-bedecked headband turns a humble hair accessory into something beautiful and bohemian with this wavy take on the Sixties. Simply work a few dabs of JoiLotion Sculpting Lotion into slightly-damp locks; twist into two French braids; and allow to air dry until set. Then, unwind the braids (finger combing to release texture); wrap the band around your forehead; and spritz with Design Works Shaping Spray for hold and shine.

Pony Up (MIDDLE): This sexy, edgy take on a ponytail elevates a classic style in seconds. Start by spraying Joico’s Instant Refresh into roots for volume (avoiding hot tools, which cancel out the messy dimension you’ve just created); then gather hair into a high pony, spritzing loose hair with Power Spray for extra texture and holding power. The final flourish? A simple black ribbon tied into a bow around the base of the ponytail.

Band Stand (RIGHT): The fringe takes a step forward with this Eighties-inspired rocker chic that stars sleek tresses and the most basic of hair accessories. For the prep, work a bit of K-PAK Color Therapy Restorative Oil into damp strands and blow-dry until smooth and straight, parting hair to the side. Next, clip bangs out of the way while you slip a wide headband directly over the forehead. The final set: Joico’s new IronClad Thermal Protectant Spray (due to hit the market in September); a few passes with a flat iron for extra sleekness; then unclip those bangs and allow them to hang out for the night.

For more information, please visit www.joico.com


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