2 December 2023

3 Tips for Doing Shoots with Ruth Roche

Creating collections and doing photo shoots is such a personal experience, that’s what makes art so interesting, everyone has a different way of expressing it. What appeals to one person may not appeal to another, BUT there are a few tips

Ruth Roche, Artistic Ambassador for Pureology Serious Colour Care, offers that can draw attention an image.

“Everyone has their own style and talent when it comes to bringing a vision to life and shooting it, so you can’t mess with that, but I know when I follow these tips, my work is elevated,” says Roche.

Choose your models based on their facial beauty rather than their hair – if you have a model that’s not photogenic or can’t connect with the camera, your work will come across as flat. Yes, those models get paid the big bucks for a reason!

Less is more, take the time to edit your thoughts and styling, don’t go overboard. If too much is going on, it can get overwhelming and the viewer won’t know what to look at. When there is less, you also have to make sure what is there is impactful.

Get a skilled photographer that you can openly communicate with – they should know about lighting and how to compose a beautiful shot to make your work shine. You can have a vision, but listen to the photographers input as well, they are an expert and should be able to raise the bar for you!

“Always be true to yourself and your vision, and always be open to the feedback you receive,” adds Roche.

Learn more about Roche and view her portfolio on ruthroche.com/portfolio


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