27 November 2021

Arty Woman, Arty Sensation by Christine Margossian

The representation of the woman reflects the esthetical, sociologic, moral conceptions of the age we live in.

It is at the same time a beauty ideal, a dream, a temptress, a purity, a companion, a maternity, a civilizing woman, a courtesan, a femme fatale, a warrior woman, a child woman, an object woman, a developed woman, a powerful woman… this winter 2014/2015 the woman will be Arty. A season to reveal the jewel of femininity of each Eve and to interpret it like an art work.

  • Credits
  • Hair: Christine Margossian
    Photo: Eric Ouaknine
    Stylism: JNSN
    Make up: Stéphane Dussart
  • Products: L’Oréal Professionnel


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