7 February 2023

L’Or D’Afrique: Providing the Purity and Magic of Argan Oil

Once a well‐kept secret – now L’Or D’Afrique’s Organic Argan Oil!

The golden‐colored oil, extracted by hand from the fruit of the argan tree that grows in southwest Morocco, removes the traces that everyday life leaves on our body. 100% Purity from L’Or D’Afrique’s Organic Argan Oil gives hair a nice shine, soothes rough skin, reduces skin inflammation and thus helps control and reverse skin disorders.

For centuries, the Berber women of Morocco have relied on oil from argan trees to keep their skin healthy and youthful. Once a well-­kept secret, the dense golden oil has now been hailed as a miracle treatment that helps promote overall health by protecting, softening and moisturizing the entire body. To simplify your beauty care routine, make L’Or D’Afrique’s Organic Argan Oil your irreplaceable beauty elixir from head‐to-toe. Pure argan oil is one of the rarest oils in the world and is revered for its rich concentration of vitamins and minerals. The oil contains high levels of tocopherols, powerful antioxidants that are vital for healthy skin and hair. High levels of carotenes, phenolic acid, squalene and phenols also contribute to the oil’s cosmetic value.

L’Or D’Afrique company stands for pure, undiluted, organic argan oil as well as financial independence for Moroccan women. The pure Argan oil industry is almost as unique as the oil itself. All Argan sold today comes from cooperatives operated by Moroccan women, and the cooperatives share profits among the local women of the Berber tribe. The money goes toward health care and education, as well as other good works.

Argan trees grow exclusively in the semi-­desert soil of the Arganeraie Biosphere Reserve. Due to this small and specific growing area, the trees are protected by UNESCO – and pure Argan oil is one of the rarest in the world. In Morocco people call the argan tree “tree of life” due to its immeasurable contribution to their traditions and culture.

For more information please visit www.orafrique.com


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