30 January 2023

Schwarzkopf Professional Breathes New Life Into BC Bonacure

Schwarzkopf Professional‘s bringing hair closer to natural perfection with new technology, formulations, packaging and products.

Hair is the stylist’s canvas, so the perfect condition is vital for the best cut, color and style. The newly revitalized BC Bonacure Collection, launching September 2014, makes tress perfection a daily reality with its unprecedented care technology. Offering a unique 360 degree approach to flawlessly beautiful hair, BC Bonacure brings damaged hair closer than ever to natural perfection. These new tailor-made hair therapies protect, boost and seal your ongoing investment in the future health of your hair.


A world-class innovation and a milestone in repairing hair, BC Bonacure is unlike any previous haircare regime. The new breakthrough Cell Perfector Technology replenishes hair cells from the cuticle to the cortex using hair identical agents. The natural hair surface has lipid chains made of 21 carbons, but external harm damages the hair, leaving gaps on the surface. Current formulas can only recreate 12 carbon chains, but the new Cell Perfector Technology can recreate 18, which creates a healthy, sealed surface for virgin quality hair. Hair-identical amino acid chains rebuild the structure, resulting in renewed strength, re-born elasticity and radiant shine. When hair is damaged, hair looses its protective layer, and more damage to these Proteo-Lipid chains is caused. C18, the Cuticle Cell Perfector Technology, acts on the outer layer of the hair, restoring the protective shield of healthy hair. Meanwhile, the Amino Cell Rebuild Technology rebuilds the inner architecture of the hair, restoring the inner strength and elasticity.


Keep your salon color as vibrant as it can be by cleansing and conditioning with BC Color Freeze. Formulated for colored and highlighted hair, this sub-range stops color fading in its tracks while locking in shine for unparalleled vibrancy. BC Color Freeze delivers 100% more sealed in shine, and up to 90% color retention, a 15% improvement on shine compared to our original formula! Reactive Silane forms a lightweight and long-lasting elastic net on the hair’s surface, which protects color pigments, while the Color Stabilizer forms a guard around the hair to prevent color fading. The UV Filters also protect the Keratin Structure from the sun’s damaging effects without overburdening the hair. Notes of apple, coconut, orange, vanilla and sandalwood round out these color protecting products: BC Color Freeze Sulfate-Free Shampoo ($18), BC Color Freeze Silver Shampoo ($18), BC
Color Freeze Conditioner ($21) & BC Color Freeze Treatment ($28).

BC Repair Rescue is the industry go-to for damaged and distressed hair. When hair is damaged inside, it reflects its state on the outside by noticeably loosing its bounce and shine. Recovery starts at the cellular level with this formula that nourishes, restructures and repairs hair from the inside out. BC Repair Rescue provides 100% replenishment and resilience, with up to 95% less breakage. Hair will feel reborn, super soft, have renewed elasticity and long-lasting shine. BC Repair Rescue Deep Nourishing Shampoo ($18), BC Repair Rescue Conditioner ($21), BC Repair Rescue Deep Nourishing Treatment ($28) and BC Repair Rescue Sealed Ends ($21) are fragranced with an infusion of mandarin, orange, apple, coconut, heart of rose and magnolia with a base of white musk and sandalwood.

BC Moisture Kick rebalances and delivers optimum levels of moisture to even the driest of hair, improving resilience and increasing shine, all while eliminating static. The result is undeniably supple, shiny and moisturized hair, brimming with bounce and elasticity. The Hyaluronic Acid Derivate provides long-lasting balanced hydration for the scalp and hair, smoothing the hair’s surface while preventing dehydration. No other formulation can carry more water than this Hyaluronic Acid molecule – BC Moisture Kick’s key ingredient. Additionally, Panthenol penetrates the hair, providing intense hydration to balance the hair’s natural moisture content. Light enough for even the finest of hair, this collection smells of grapefruit, gardenia, violet, bamboo leaves, white peach and white woods. BC Moisture Kick Shampoo ($18), BC Moisture Kick Spray Conditioner ($21), and NEW BC
Moisture Kick Beauty Balm ($21), a moisturizing and styling balm with added heat protection.

As we age, the production of keratin diminishes, making hair feel and appear weak, limp, brittle and dry. BC Time Restore reactivates keratin production, providing 100% resistance and elasticity, which in turn strengthens, hydrates and protects locks from thinning. This anti-aging formula works best on mature, weak, lifeless, very dry or brittle hair. BC Time Restore utilizes the power of Q10, a coenzyme that exists in every cell in the body and is essential for the vitalization of cells. Q10 stimulates the hair bulb to re-activate production of the two keratins that decrease overtime, therefore restoring the optimal structure for future hair growth. Additionally, Nurtifiller, a hydrolyzed keratin, deeply penetrates the hair to fill gaps in strength and elasticity ensuring the quality of future growth. Intermingling scents of bergamot, pink peony, sandalwood, cedar wood and vanilla give these
products an alluring effect: BC Time Restore Shampoo ($20), BC Time Restore Conditioner ($23), BC Time Restore Rejuvenating Spray ($23) and BC Time Restore Treatment ($31).

Designed to take control of thick, frizzy, coarse or curly hair, BC Smooth Perfect harnesses a frizz control formula, minimizes styling time with 70% quicker detangling, frizz control between washes and smoother, better hydrated that’s easier to handle. Fragranced with grapefruit, gardenia, violet, bamboo leaves, white peach and white woods, the collection includes: BC Smooth Perfect Shampoo ($18), BC Smooth Perfect Conditioner ($21) and NEW! BC Smooth Perfect Smoothing Cream ($21), a non-greasy formula that deposits Hydrolyzed Keratin on the cuticle to protect and control hair antihumidity protection for up to four days.


Quick fixes that repair past damage and are made with precision, these NEW hair therapies protect your ongoing investment in the future health of your hair, as they protect new growth to maintain the perfect base for each salon-service.

Lock in your care with BC Extra Sealer ($21). Designed to seal in the care experience and leave a shiny finish, this NEW addition will allow your hair’s true beauty to shine out loud. A combination of short chained evaporating agents work as a carrier for Apricot Kernel Oil, distributing this incredible power ingredient that provides on-going protection and the ultimate shine.

Customizing each therapy to your own personal needs, the Extra Shot add-ons (3-pack, $100), are a salon therapy that boost potency of the care products. BC Extra Shot Shine visibly enhances color vibrancy when mixed with any BC Bonacure Treatment, BC Extra Shot Smooth visibly tames and de-frizzes hair while boosting smoothness with its high concentration of caring oils and BC Extra Shot Repair strengthens and rebuilds hair utilizing a high concentration of amino cell rebuild complex and proteo lipids to intensify care ingredients from deep inside.



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