8 December 2022

NYC Hairstylist Mark Bustos Helps Homeless Rejuvenate Their Look

For most people, Sunday is a day to enjoy with your family and relax. Sundays are relatively known as the day of rest. For NYC hairstylist Mark Bustos, Sundays have a whole other meaning.

It’s the day he heads out on the streets to give free trims, line-ups, and shape ups to men and women in the busiest city in America. What exactly does giving free trims and shape-ups do for the homeless? Mark’s motive is as simple as helping them gain self-esteem and confidence to keep pushing forward. There’s nothing better than a fresh cut, when you look good, you feel good.

Mark Bustos’ venture has brought awareness to homeless communities around the country has really made an impact on the nation, inspiring others to do the same in their cities.

A new hairstyle or trim can make a person feel like a new person with a new outlook on life. NYC has had a booming population of homeless people, with a 12% growth rate. Over 50,000 homeless people are living in shelters, and of course many more live in the streets.

With NYC being one of the most expensive cities to live in, it’s no wonder that the homeless percentage of people has been growing. The number of homeless children sleeping in shelters rose by 8%, and single adults, 5%. The average stay for families with children in shelters has peaked to 14.5 months, another hefty record for the Empire State.

Mark’s ambitious work and desire to give to those less fortunate has allowed many people to feel rejuvenated, positive, and reignited. Check out some of the photo’s Mark has posted on his Instagram to witness the transformations.

Photos: Instagram



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