26 February 2024

Discipline by Kérastase – Mastering Smoothness With Movement

For Kérastase, free-flowing movement is a never-ending quest. With the launch of Discipline, Kérastase introduces a new way for long-lasting manageability and control.

With Discipline, Kérastase offers a secret weapon to simplify blow drying and tame frizz by successfully bringing together:

  1. • A technological triumph (combining bio-mimetic Pro-Keratin with a surface-perfecting polymer)
  2. • Improved quality of style
  3. • Immediate enhancement of the hair fiber
  4. • Exceptional shine
  5. • Ease of use

All without modifying the structure of the hair and without any aggressive chemical treatments. With Discipline, the hair fiber is smooth and under control while the hair keeps its perfect swing and free-flowing movement.

At the core of Discipline is the revolutionary Morpho-Keratine™ compound composed of Morpho-Constituting Agents and a Surface-Perfecting Polymer. Its unique properties allow it to weightlessly envelop each fiber to tame rebellious hair and provide manageability, suppleness and shine while promoting hair’s natural movement.

Morpho-Constituting Agents: This complex of shape-enhancing active ingredients works to consolidate the hair fiber. Each of these key ingredients was selected by L’Oréal Advanced Research for its beneficial effect on the structure of the hair:

  1. Glutamic Acid, Serine and Arginine: A trio of amino acids were selected to restore the inner weakness points of the hair. These particular amino acids are most similar to those that are naturally present in the hair, and are positively charged so they attach to the negatively charged, or damaged areas of the hair fiber to fill in any weak zones.
  2. Wheat Protein: Selected for its wealth of more than 17 amino acids naturally occurring in the hair, the wheat protein has been slightly modified to become cationic –given a positive charge– so it can better replenish the most damaged areas of the hair. It works to soften the hair fiber surface and restore its uniformity.
  3. Ceramide R: It took 10 years of research for L’Oréal Research Laboratories to perfect Ceramide R, a bio-mimetic ceramide that is virtually identical those naturally found in the hair. This exceptional molecule acts like cement and firmly attaches itself between the layers of the hair scales to restore softness, evenness and strength to the fiber so the hair immediately looks and feels smoother and suppler.


The chosen polymers feature a targeted, positively charged structure so they attach themselves to the hair fiber, then link together to create a mesh-like “second skin” on the surface. The hair fiber is sealed in an ultra-fine film that smoothes out rough zones and tames undisciplined hair scales from roots to ends.

This innovative polymer was chosen for its unique ability to form an inter-molecular network, penetrate and affix itself to the cuticle and create a hydrophobic coating that resists washing and protects hair from humidity. It also works to reduce friction and static electricity, as well as facilitate detangling, combing and improve manageability to leave hair with lasting softness and shine.

New Kérastase Discipline is available at select salons throughout the U.S. For more information, please visit www.kerastase-usa.com


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