8 December 2022

The Man Behind the Brand: Shauky Gulamani

Shauky Gulamani joined FHI Heat as Shareholder and President and within a few years transformed the hair tool company into a multi-million dollar global brand.

Shauky Gulamani has embraced the professional hairdressing industry with a passion, talent and creative genius that transformed him into a master of his craft. Although his journey began 32 years ago, he is acclaimed for building multi-million dollar professional companies. His experience and ability to create thriving, groundbreaking brands comes from his artistry as a hairdresser, salon owner, teacher, educator, sales representative and distributor.

What makes Gulamani a business mogul is that he’s a hairstylist who understands the needs of hairstylists, which gives him the ability to connect the dots. Gulamani is responsible for increasing yearly profit margins by over 50% with these outstanding growth patterns being attributed to his successful up-to-the-minute marketing concepts, new packaging, and simplification of existing product lines and the creation of multiple revolutionary product launches. Gulamani brings companies to the forefront of the beauty industry using his keen insight into the future needs and trends.

In 2011, Gulamani initiated immediately new product development and advanced the R&D, marketing sales and education force. He spearheaded a series of improvements to all of the tools, redesigned the packaging to be consistent and stand out, created a supporting liquid line and expanded the professional FHI Heat brand globally. Under Gulamani’s leadership, FHI Heat has been revolutionized into an industry leader, defining new product categories through technology and innovation.

I never stop! I truly care about my fellow hairstylists so there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t immerse myself in a supreme effort to break barriers and push our industry forward. Knowing I can contribute is what wakes me up each morning. It’s my passion for what I do that’s improving our industry and making FHI Heat the iconic leader of the beauty industry.”President Shauky Gulamani


What makes FHI Heat unique is the heat that puts the brand at the Forefront of Heating Innovation. Founded in 2003, FHI Heat® is a world-renowned Professional Hair Care Company that has transformed into a prestigious award winning and celebrity adored brand. FHI Heat® offers the most technologically advanced hair tools and hair care products in the beauty industry. The distinguished brand is in high demand for its luxurious hairstyling irons and dryers which use a unique gem that is embedded within the ceramic plates to give you healthy, smooth, silky hair. Available only at top salons and beauty stores.

Visit http://fhiheat.com or call toll-free 1-877-FHI-HEAT (877-344-4328). International inquiries call 323-344-2900



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