6 December 2023

Estetica Looks Back: Remembering Icon Lauren Bacall

American movie icon Lauren Bacall died yesterday in New York City at the age of 89. Here, Estetica takes a look at some of our favorite looks of the glamorous actress.

Bacall’s coif was classic to the era, and probably one of the most ‘American’ styles ever. While in the 40’s the shape and soft waves were trendy, she kept her hair long, and added her own style to the classic coif. The actress’ hair and style very much looked like the way all American woman at the time wanted to look. Her look wasn’t the only legendary thing about her, she was anointed a legend during her lifetime by the American Film Institute appearing in countless movies.

Bacall achieved her fame quite quickly after appearing in her first movie, ‘To Have and Have Not’, it was the her break out role and where she met her husband, Humphrey Bogart. Bogart and Bacall were the ‘it’ couple in Hollywood in the 40’s, like the modern day Brad and Angelina. The world became fascinated to know who this sultry, wide-mouthed, and husky voiced woman was.

Bacall died of a stroke in her longtime home in the Dakota, the famous Upper West Side building that overlooks Central Park in Manhattan. Bacall’s impeccable style, captivating beauty, and sultry voice will always be remembered.

Photos: Getty Images


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