19 June 2024

Graceful Transition to Natural Grey

Tiffany Pateritsas at fresche salon (Atlanta, GA, www.fresche.net) says, “Going grey can be graceful. I had a clients that wanted to gradually allow her grey hair to grow in so I devised a plan to take her from a darker color to blonde, to eventually a beautiful silver.” The client arrived with an inch regrowth and grown out color.

Step 1: Soap cap with Goldwell Silk Lift Strong and 10 volume+ rich repair shampoo. Work into damp hair until a slight lift in pigment.

Step 2: Rough dry and apply back-to-back foils with Goldwell Silk Lift + 20 volume just to the line of demarcation. And add a couple low lights of Goldwell Colorance Coverplus 6NN. Nape area: Goldwell Silk Lift + 20 vol on colored ends.

Step 3: Glaze with Goldwell Colorance 8BP + 10V + 9N + blue.

Clients ranging in age from 50-70 ask us how we think their natural grey color would look on them. Most of the time we think another color will look better, because most of us don’t have striking beautiful silver or white, but sometimes they look great with their natural grey color. It’s a process to transition from colored hair to a natural grey, it doesn’t happen in one visit, so make sure you are clear with them about the strategy and how long it will take to get them to where they want to be,” adds Pateritsas.


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