28 May 2023

Multi-Tasking Salons: the Hottest in London and New York!

It’s London’s hottest new location – Hurwundeki, a perfect hair salon-restaurant combo. Whilst New York goes crazy for salon-cum-lounge bars.

Arising from a need for business diversification, these locations look set to become a real new trend. They are multi-tasking shops, which offer clients not just one but a number of services that render the whole experience more pleasant and attractive.

And what does that mean in the hairdressing industry? Around the world, most salons are already equipped to offer clients drinks, magazines or relaxation areas but there aren’t yet shops specifically providing a multi-tasking service similar to that of London. Hurwundeki is the Brit salon which has skilfully combined the ritual of haircare with the chance to taste delicious Korean specialties. It is enjoying huge success by offering not only hairdressing services but also café dishes for a totally new and fun experience, never boring, and mouthwatering at the same time!

In New York, multi-tasking salons are already an established feature, with a particular affluence of those providing drinks and music: Red Market, for example, is open until late in the evening and welcomes clients with a glass of champagne, whilst Birds&Fellas is a real lounge bar with live music and cocktails to suit all tastes.

The concept of multi-tasking shops means good potential for business growth – the number of services is doubled and clients have more reason to opt for this type of salon over the competition. Could this be the way forward for hairdressing businesses?


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