6 October 2022

Product of the Month: Überliss Smoothing System

Überliss is a professional 3-step formaldehyde-free smoothing treatment, formulated with the client and stylist in mind.

We’ve all seen them in shampoo commercials, on the red carpet, and even walking down the street: women with lush long tresses that move together as a single essence, undulating like glossy liquid. And all most of us could do was dream, especially after the formaldehyde scare of a few years back. New and improved products have since come and gone, but Überliss is here to stay.

Salon Commodities is a boutique manufacturer of personal care, salon and spa products owned by the Syed family, who made their name in the beauty industry with their Avlon Industries, Inc. Now, with Hasan Syed leading the family business, the company launched Überliss, an in-salon smoothing system that eliminates frizz and tames unruly hair. What makes Überliss Straight Effect Smoothing System so outstanding, is that it outperforms many formaldehydebased treatments while being very safe for people and environmentally friendly.

The smoothing system consists of three products that are used during the straightening process. The Fiber Expander prepares hair for restructuring by expanding the cuticles, and acts as a conditioner for the cortex. The Fiber Restructure is a curl volume reducer for a natural looking smooth effect, restructuring the hair with its exclusive Triple Blend treatment compound with Keratin, Cysteine and Buriti. Last but not least, the Nutritive Mask repairs damaged areas, strengthening and increasing the elasticity of the hair fiber. It deeply conditions the hair with a combination of Apple, Lemon and Buriti extracts and restores the hair fiber by normalizing porosity, leaving hair shiny, soft and natural looking.

After the in-salon treatment, the Überliss Maintenance System keeps your client’s hair looking glamorous with sulfate-free Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner with Royal Jelly, Fruit Extracts & Keratin to gently cleanse hair without stripping its natural moisture and leave hair fibers manageable, rehydrated, and stronger. Finally, the RituOil contains an Orchid & Argan Oil Complex to seals cuticles, creating softness and shine by protecting against thermal damage. Überliss also offers salon professionals fully certifiable education for the utmost support any time of the day or night. Über!

Partnering with stylists who take pride in having the best in technique, education, and science

– Straightens and smooths frizzy and wavy hair.
– No formaldehyde.
– Complemented by a complete line of maintenance products.


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