25 September 2021

Joico Journey… Beauty’s in the Bag!

Joico recognizes that it’s not always practical to pack full-size mamas of your have-to-have grooming goods when you hit the road…

That’s why Joico’s launching the perfect jet-set kit, stocked with scaled-down sizes of the stuff you just have to have: Joico’s Instant Refresh (magic-in-a-can – it literally brings hair back to life without a shampoo); Power Whip (the creamiest styling foam with 72-hour muscle); and Power Spray (the glamazon styler that’s winning awards left and right).

More than this, Joico’s sharing the best travel tips to take along for the ride:

Create your own little health-and-beauty kit: Aspirin, hand sanitizer, eye drops, moisturizer, antacids, lip balm, toothpaste, toothbrush. You’ll be thankful for the quick-grabs if the need strikes while flying… and even more thankful you pre-planned if your luggage is delayed.

Bring a big, bold scarf: Instant color for your wardrobe; the ideal hair accessory; a must to put over your shoulders when there’s a chill in the air (plane or otherwise)… it’s the ultimate multi-purpose accessory.

MacGyver a mini, 7-day pill case: Not just for your Rx anymore… try stocking it with miniscule jewelry (earrings, delicate chains, rings); multiple lipstick colors; or just-the-right-size dabs of daily moisturizer, eye cream, and makeup remover.

Try some financial planning: It’s an easy step to skip, but bank ahead by calling your credit-card companies, alerting them to your out-of-town dates. The move can save you endless hassles with fraud-alert calls. (And trust us—that avoids wrinkles.)

Pack a pair of ear plugs: You may think you’re immune to the joys of unwanted noise, but you’ll be grateful for the beauty rest these babies provide when unexpectedly plagued by a snoring airplane seatmate, or a hotel room that’s just a tad too close to the elevators.

Bring an empty plastic water bottle through TSA: No more $5 H2O purchases… just hit the water fountain on the other side of security for inexpensive hydration.


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