23 April 2024

Macadamia Introduces a Curated Styling Collection for Hair of All Global Textures

In October 2014, Macadamia will introduce a curated collection of five Macadamia Oil infused stylers under the NEW Macadamia Professional brand name, which reinforces the company’s commitment to the salon professional. 

Each styler offers varying levels of style control 1, 2, 3 or 4 – 1 indicating the lightest control and 4 the strongest. Plus, all stylers contain Macadamia’s exclusive Pro Oil Complex; a blend of therapeutic Macadamia and Argan Oils, rich in Omegas 7, 5, 3, and 9.

Macadamia Oil contains the highest amount of Omega 7 of any nut oil; and therefore most closely resembles hair’s natural oil. As such, it provides deep nourishment and moisturization, with exceptional absorption and penetration plus zero weigh down. Argan Oil, rich in Omega 9, strengthens hair, renews damage and restores shine and softness. Together, Macadamia and Argan Oil mimic the scalp’s natural oil production and renew hair’s natural texture with healthy shine, bounce and manageability. 

The new styling collection is supported by a comprehensive launch plan, including Salon, Stylist and Client promotional offers, a new visual branding campaign, a new website and a new social strategy spotlighting the Macadamia Muses.

The Collection

FOAMING VOLUMIZER is a whipped, airy mousse that gives hair ̶of all textures long lasting, feather light body, lift and exceptional shine.  With a Control Factor of 1, Foaming Volumizer helps condition and detangle hair prior to styling with no residue build-up and heat protection.

Key Benefits:

  1. •    Light, airy and weightless texture
  2. •    Provides body, lift and shine
  3. •    Detangles hair prior to styling
  4. •    Leaves hair with no residue build-up
  5. •    Provides heat protection

Size/Price: 6 oz. / $25.00 USD

BLOW DRY LOTION is a lightweight styling lotion that provides a smooth silky finish for all hair textures. With a Control Factor of 1, Blow Dry Lotion provides both thermal and UV protection, plus humidity control and hydration to help keep hair strong and prevent breakage.

Key Benefits:

  1. •    Leaves hair smooth and silky
  2. •    Provides thermal and UV protection
  3. •    Humidity control to tame fly – a -ways
  4. •    Strengthens and helps prevent breakage
  5. •    Non greasy with no buildup

Size/Price: 6.7 fl. oz. / $24.00 USD

ACTIVATING CURL CREAM is a lightweight; non-sticky cream which activates and supports soft waves, curls and finer hair textures that tend to droop.  With a Control Factor of 2, Activating Curl Cream hydrates and nourishes fine curls to keep them shapely and resilient while defrizzing. 

Key Benefits:

  1. •    Lightweight, non sticky cream texture
  2. •    Activates and supports soft, fine curls
  3. •    Keeps curls from drooping
  4. •    Moisturizes and nourishes
  5. •    Leaves hair touchably soft with no crunch

Size/Price: 5 fl. oz. / $25.00 USD

TAMING CURL DREAM is a light defining curl cream that softens and defrizzes medium to coiled textures.  With a Control Factor of 3, Taming Curl Cream keeps dense curls manageable and controlled while, maintaining shape and structure while hydrating and nourishing.

Key Benefits:

  1. •    Softens and defrizzes
  2. •    Keeps curls tamed and controlled
  3. •    Maintains shape and structure
  4. •    Hydrates hair from within
  5. •    No crunch

Size/Price: 5 fl. oz. / $25.00 USD

WHIPPED DETAILING CREAM is an airy, lightweight detailer with a whipped cream like consistency which defines, separates and forms hair for pieciness and texture. With a Control Factor of 2, Whipped Detailing Cream provides light definition and textural control without weigh down.  Ideal for detailing a finished look with workable style.

Key Benefits:

  1. •    Whipped creamy texture
  2. •    Creates definition and texture
  3. •    Tames fly a ways
  4. •    Moisturizes and nourishes
  5. •    No residue or build-up

Size/Price: 2 oz. / $26.00 USD

Macadamia Professional, The Oil Authority for Global Textures, offers salon quality hair care, treatment and styling solutions with transformational products that address the unique moisture and style control needs of each hair texture.  Each product contains Macadamia’s exclusive PRO OIL Complex, a blend of therapeutic Macadamia and Argan Oils, rich in Omega 7, 5, 3, and 9 fatty acids, which deeply yet weightlessly nourish and repair hair from the inside out, rather than just conditioning from the surface, to renew hair’s natural texture with healthy shine, bounce and manageability.


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