16 August 2022

NAHA 25 Years: Square Colour Salon, 2012 Salon Design of the Year Winner

In the beauty industry, winning a NAHA means everything! It’s a award to distinguish the creme de la creme in the industry.

As you know, NAHA is celebrating 25 astonishing years in just a few days, and we had the pleasure of speaking with Barb Garcia-Grove, owner of Square Colour Salon and 2012 NAHA Salon Design of the Year winner.

What does it mean in the industry to win a NAHA award, what changed in your career?
“To win a NAHA is like winning an Oscar or Grammy. It’s one of the top honors an individual can receive, and NAHA acknowledges our industry and all the creative artists within it. Winning NAHA brought recognition to not only Square Salon but also to Las Vegas as a whole.”

How did you feel the moment you found out you won?
“The moment I found out we won felt unbelievable! It was one of the best moments of my life (besides children and marriage). I felt super humbled and grateful.  We never worked to create what we have with the intention to win a NAHA so it was even more rewarding to receive one.”

What inspired you for your winning collection?
“We had been to NAHA in previous years and never thought about entering until someone suggested it to us, so we submitted our photos and were excited to be announced as a Finalist, and even more ecstatic when we won!”

What was the most nerve-wrecking moment you had at NAHA?
“The most nerve-wrecking moment at NAHA was definitely my speech. I was so nervous and wanted to make sure that I thanked all the right people who had been part of our journey.”

From your experience, what do you think you have to do to win a NAHA?
“To win a NAHA, most importantly, put all of your heart into your collection or category you are working for, and just give it your best and your everything.  Give it your everything!”

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
“In five years I see myself with a very talented, successful, amazing team, with a very large third generation family, owning multiple salon locations and being able to enjoy time at our house at the beach in San Pedro.”


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