7 October 2022

Goldwell KMS California Academy opens with avant-garde collection Lampyridae

The highly anticipated New York Goldwell KMS California Academy opened its doors with a Grand Opening Event featuring Lampyridae, an original color and style collection created exclusively for the night.

Goldwell Artistic Team Director and Global Master Dimitrios Tsioumas was the creative force behind the fantastical collection which introduced guests to the 6,500-square-foot multistory space in an unexpected way. Inspired by the wonders of the luminous firefly, Dimitrios created a spectacular vision inside the newly opened flagship academy and took guests on a memorable journey. Attendees were led around the Goldwell KMS California Academy by the “firefly,” a mystical dancer who transported them to the Lampyridae universe. The academy was divided into sections that represented the elements of air, fire, water, and earth with live models stationed in each. The visually captivating models were styled by Dimitrios using Goldwell and KMS California professional color and styling products to personify the elements.

The Lampyridae collection formulas include:

  • AIR
    Color: Goldwell SilkLift Strong + 20vol, ELUMEN SV@10, YY@all, Tq@all, CLEAR
    Styling: Goldwell Dualsenses Ultra Volume Dry Shampoo, StyleSign Volume Naturally Full
    Technique: Crochet
  • FIRE
    Color: ELUMEN RR@all, PK@all, GK@all, RV@all, KK@all, GB@9, CLEAR
    Technique: Sponging
    Styling: KMS California HAIRSTAY maximum hold spray
    Color: ELUMEN RR@all, PK@all, GK@all, RV@all, KK@all, PK@all, YY@all, VV@all, SV@10, CLEAR
    Technique: Color Melting
    Styling: Goldwell StyleSign Diamond Gloss, Spun Shine, Magic Finish Hair Spray
    Technique: Icing
    Color: Colorance 9KG, 8OR, Clear
    Technique: Gloss
    Styling: KMS California FREESHAPE 2-in-1 styling + finishing spray, Goldwell StyleSign Sprayer Hair Spray
    Technique: Braiding, Webbing, and Pleating

The Lampyridae collection and the Grand Opening Event came together with the help of Christopher Medeiros for Event Planning and Set Design, Frost Productions for Audio Visual/Production, Wardobe Stylist Rod Novoa, Photographer Alec Watson, Make-up Artists David Maderich and Wendi Miyake, and the Goldwell and KMS California Hair Team—Lead Artistic Director for Goldwell John Simpson, National Technical Trainer for Goldwell Sal Mckinize, and National Technical Trainer for KMS California Simon Miller.

Situated at 22 Little West 12th Street in the trendy Meatpacking District, the New York Goldwell KMS California Academy aims to become the guiding light for stylists looking to grow and hone their skills. Like the firefly which inspires passion and ignites curiosity, the new educational complex will allow stylists to explore their craft and find creativity with custom classes taught by leading artistic talent from around the world.

For more information, visit www.goldwell-northamerica.com or www.kmscalifornia.com


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