26 September 2022

Estetica USA Leader of the Month: Mark Hayes

Award-winning hairdresser, after more than 35 years in this profession, Mark Hayes is one of the most dynamic international stylists. A shining star of creativity, business, and training.

Elected British Hairdresser of the Year every year from 2009 to 2014. Recognized as the Fellowship Hairdresser of the Year in 2005 and 2008. Four nominations as Creative Head Most Wanted Hair Icon. Mark Hayes is the International Creative Director for Sassoon, a hairdressing professional and total artist. He trains hundreds of stylists every year worldwide –from Europe to the Far East, as far as Australia– through tutorials and shows of great emotional impact that never fail to offer a memorable experience. “I am very proud to keep alive the Sassoon legacy together with the International Creative Team,” Mark tells us. “We work very hard to train, inspire, and motivate the global hairdressing community.”

Mark has had a love story with hairdressing for more than 35 years, beginning when he was an assistant in London, in South Molton Street. From the beginning, he was bowled over by the endless possibilities of hair design. Hairdressing included everything that was inspiring for him: music, style fashion, architecture, art… He never stopped striving to attain excellence and raise the benchmark of hairdressing. His objects on an international level is to ensure that everyone can access the Sassoon philosophy by transmitting skills and information in a meaningful manner: inspire, touch, and educate through shows, look&learn seminars, and In-Salon workshops to meet the clients’ needs and capture the public’s imagination. “It is always very exciting to share the Sassoon philosophy with our public,” declares Mark. “Following the way our work has developed over time and how it is continuing to progress is not only fascinating, but also a source of example and inspiration.”

Mark is gifted with self-discipline, artistic passion, and the desire to inspire other stylists. Three conditions that can be obtained only when one also has experience and enthusiasm. This is how he has succeeded an building a reputation that is second to none. Trust in teamwork was transmitted to him from the very beginning. He has learnt that to be responsible for people’s careers and help others is a great reward in itself. “My objective is to always give more opportunities to increasing numbers of people. Without people there is no business.” Like Vidal –who affirmed that perseverance led to longevity– Mark Hayes chose to “eat, sleep, and breathe” the world of hairdressing. “Work is my life. To be successful in any enterprise, you must take into account some sacrifices. I wanted to become the best and I put my heart and soul into it. It has been a fantastic adventure so far.


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