30 November 2022

NAHA 25 Years: Katy Albright, 2013 Make Up Artist of the Year

NAHA is celebrating 25 inspiring years in just a few days, and we had the pleasure of speaking with Katy Albright, 2013 NAHA Makeup Artist of the Year Winner!

Katy Albright is a Hair Stylist & Make Up Artist living in New York, represented by Agency Gerard Management. For as long as Katy can remember she always had a interest for make up and hair, whether attempting to cut her own hair as a child, or trying her luck with lipstick. At the early age of 17 she was enrolled in cosmetology school at the Aveda Institute. Within the first two weeks she discovered her passion and entered a contest called Beacon. Katy was selected from the large group of entries and attended NAHA, PBA Beauty Week, and various other conferences all across the country.

Recently Katy has had the opportunity to work New York Fashion Week as a part of the Aveda Make Up Team. She has had the opportunity to work with designers such as: Steve Alan, Parke & Ronen, Argentine Designers, Concept Korea, AAU, and more. We’re so excited to share with you our exclusive interview with Katyl!

What does it mean in the industry to win a NAHA award, what changed in your career? “I was honored to be presented with ‘Make Up Artist of the Year’ last year. Winning a NAHA award is a life changing experience. It is one of the most prestigious awards of our industry. It really pushed me to take my career to the next level.”

How did you feel the moment you found out you won? “I was so shocked to hear my name. It was very overwhelming, but I was so excited. I was just hoping I didn’t trip on stage in front of everyone.”

What inspired you for your winning collection? “I was inspired by different cultures and really wanted to incorporate that into my collection. I wanted to create something bold and different that captivated your attention. I used a lot of contrasting colors and geometric shapes to achieve this.”

What was the most nerve-wrecking moment you had at NAHA? “I remember nervously watching the ceremony not knowing when they would announce my category. It seemed like such a long time. My friend leaned over to me and whispered “I wonder when your category is going to be announced?!” at that moment I could definitely feel my nerves. The anticipation was killing me.”

From your experience, what do you think you have to do to win a NAHA? “You have to stand out and not be afraid to take chances, but everything has to come together as a cohesive collection. It must tell a story.”

Which artists do inspire you in your work? “I really love Pat McGrath and Val Garland. I also admire the work of Dick Page, Lottie Star, and Hung Vanngo etc.”

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? “It’s hard for me to say where I’ll be in 5 years. The future is never what I expect it to be sometimes. I look back a few years ago and I never thought I would be where I am right now. I hope to be happy and enjoy whatever it is I’m doing in 5 years. I’d like to travel to other countries moving forward and keep progressing further in my career.”



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