23 April 2024

Introducing YouVeeShield: Powerful Skin Protectors for UV Nail Services

The debate surrounding UV nail lamps and their potential harmful effects is ongoing.

While applying sunscreen has been an option for many women, it can inhibit a good polish application if it gets on the nail plate and it must be applied to skin at least 15 minutes prior in order to work effectively. Cotton fingerless gloves are expensive and entail washing after each use. At busy salons, multiple washings will eventually result in the deterioration of the gloves’ ability to block light.

Now, there is a simple, affordable solution. Introducing YouVeeShield, an easy-to-use, effective shield that protects your clients’ skin during their gel-polish services.


  1. – Blocks 99.9% of UV light from UV nail Lamps
  2. – Thin thermoplastic made with titanium dioxide, a safe FDA-approved additive known for blocking UVA and UVB rays
  3. – Great for clients with photosensitive skin
  4. – Fits over fingers or toes for easy use in manicures or pedicures
  5. – Elasticity provides a no-slip fit
  6. – Packaged in a slim dispenser sleeve to fit easily on the nail table or in a drawer
  7. – Inexpensive
  8. – Disposable and hygienic. Designed for single use

YouVeeShields are available for purchase at www.youveeshield.com


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