2 June 2023

Discover the Seven Wonders of Decadent Haircare

Shaoé Haircare Secret Seven System was inspired by a world of ingredients.

There are seven wonders of the ancient world, seven days in a week, seven colors in the rainbow, seven musical notes in a scale and seven continents in the world. Inspired by the diversity and bounty of the world’s best ingredients and by the mystical number seven, Shaoé Haircare formulated a unique new system based on healthy elements from across the globe that provide unparalleled haircare results.

SECRET SEVEN INFUSION: Josef and Shaun Settle developed the Shaoé Haircare complex after extensive travel and research. Josef relays, “Product lines that are developed around a single ingredient only address one aspect of the hair. Our approach is to repair and nourish the hair from the scalp to the ends for total treatment. We created a cocktail of ingredients inspired from all seven continents, searching for the finest plant-based ingredients on the planet!” The results are a haircare line that works synergistically as a total system to stimulate the scalp, smooth the hair cuticle, repair environmental damage, moisturize and purify the hair while adding intense shine and a radiant finish. As all of the products in the Shaoé Haircare System repair the hair with every use, each time the hair is styled it is also rejuvenated!

FRENCH CAVIAR OIL: The French are renowned for their caviar used in luxury skincare lines. Now, this decadent oil infuses each Secret Seven complex product. Packed with amino acids, omega 3 essential fatty acids and vitamins, this powerful oil moisturizes brittle tresses, increases luster and sheen.

AFRICAN BAOBAB OIL: The Baobab tree itself is known to retain as much as 30,000 gallons of water and live thousands of years, producing the rare fruit only every 25 years. This essential oil is not often found in haircare products due to cost; they have brought you the finest grade available of this special oil. It delivers intensive conditioning and moisture-retaining benefits to soothe dry scalps, smooth and moisturize.

SOUTH AMERICAN ALOE VERA: For many years, people have used Aloe for its healing and mending properties and the best in the world comes from South America. Loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, Aloe can help maintain the hair’s pH balance and restore strength, sheen, luster, and beauty. Soothes psoriasis, dandruff, helps promote hair growth and a healthy scalp.

GALANGA ROOT: Drawn on the inspiration of Antarctica’s harsh conditions of extreme sun, wind and cold, this Asian root shields the hair from environmental stress. Acting as a natural sun protectant and helping to prevent haircolor from fading, this superior ingredient will shield your tresses from everyday pollutants.

SWISS DARK CHOCOLATE: Naturally, they turned instantly to the Swiss to give you this delightfully delicious and beneficial ingredient. There is no argument that Europe produces the finest chocolate on the planet. Besides a delicious aroma, they have mastered the formulation and delivery so the natural antioxidants and vitamins are able to deeply condition and rejuvenate scalp and hair.

AUSTRALIAN EUCALYPTUS OIL: Used in folklore medicine for thousands of years to nourish the scalp, eucalyptus oil stimulates circulation by providing blood flow to the root bulb, and is believed to make hair stronger with more elasticity and sheen.

HIMALAYAN GOJI BERRIES: The aroma of this berry is also known as the “Happy Berry” and helps to create a sense of well-being and optimism!  Most commonly referred to as the “Super Fruit,” this berry is loaded with trace minerals, amino acids and is a natural antioxidant that provides enormous benefits to the hair and scalp.

FULL PRODUCT SYSTEM: Products within the Secret Seven collection include Opulent Curl Shine Cream, Sophisticated Smoothing Serum, Pristine and Purifying Hair Cleanse, Decadent & Restorative Leave-in Conditioner, Avant Garde Thickening Paste, Rejuvenating Bliss Styling Cream, Radiant Texturizing Hair Polish and Crème de la Crème Setting Spray. Shaoé Haircare fuses the decadence of a privileged lifestyle with the provocative nature of fashion. Josef and Shaun Settle are known as nationally respected salon industry platform artists as well as the successful owners of Avant Gard the Salon & Spa and Avant Gard The School in Indianapolis, Indiana. With over 25 years of experience, they are sharply focused on the creation of dynamic hair artistry while also helping train as many other hair designers as possible.
For more information on educational opportunities as well as to order Shaoé Haircare System products, call 317-272-1149, 855-YShaoé7 / 855-974-2637 or email: Info@ShaoeHaircare.com. Visit: www.ShaoeHaircare.com


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