2 October 2023

Get the Guests You Want with Patrick McIvor!

Do you ever wonder why you aren’t getting the guests you want? I teach a course that teaches you how to attract the guests you want, not just service those that happen to wonder in,” explains Patrick McIvor, Artistic & TechniCulture Director for Goldwell and KMS California.

McIvor teaches a class at the new Goldwell Academy New York: July 28-29 and Academy Santa Monica: October 6-7 called “The Guests You Want” http://read.uberflip.com/i/195165. “From understanding your brand, to branding professionally and disruptive ideas that work, “The Guests You Want” shares how to use your head and not your wallet, plus technology and social media to make your success a reality,” he adds.

What makes this class different from any other business class? “I have a code of honor I hold myself and the ideas I shared to, the class/experience must create success for every salon professional by sharing ideas that are applicable behind their chair,” McIvor says.

  1. 1. The ideas must work. Because this is a business class, the ideas have to be proven to be successful. So before any ideas, systems or technologies are shared, they are tested and used by salon professionals to grow their business and get the guests they want. 
    2. The ideas cannot burden the salon work flow and must be designed to create moments/experiences for the salon guest to share with their friends, so you and your salon GO VIRAL and get the guests you want.
    3. The ideas and successes are created first by using your head, not your wallet, and any money needed is an investment, not an expense.
    4. The ideas work first for an independent salon owner and are scalable to work for a multi-million dollar destination salon and salons with multiple locations. 

“Today, our world is no longer one size fits all, but getting the guests you want to build your success is not by chance and this class/experience shares the tools and ideas you need to make the success you want a reality,” adds McIvor.  

Patrick McIvor is Artistic & TechniCulture Director for Goldwell and KMS California (divisions of Kao USA Inc., a subsidiary of Tokyo-based Kao Corporation) and founder of HI 🙂 Media Solutions (a subsidiary of Patrick McIvor Color Studio, Inc.) As one of the most respected colorists in the industry, the former Color Director for Nick Arrojo and Rodney Cutler in NYC, is a cultural junkie inspired by international cosmopolitan influences from fashion and global trends to technology. Specializing in social media and salonable haircolor, McIvor creates new experiential educational formats that highlight technology with technique and culture (TEC-HNI-Culture) in the ideas he shares with stylists on how to build their businesses and take back their social networks by celebrating THEM. McIvor is featured in the book “50 Hairstylists” and was named one of the best colorists in the USA by Allure Magazine.

For more informarton, visit www.patrickmcivor.com


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