20 March 2023

Kick off the 2014 FIFA World Cup with Estetica’s favorite player’s hairstyles!

It’s samba time! Today the World Cup kicks off! The road to Rio is finally over, we have arrived! The 2014 FIFA World Cup will begin today at 4pm as the host Brazil faces off against Croatia!

The month-long tournament is the largest and most-watched sporting event in the world with 32 nations competing. Brazil has an extraordinary show planned for tonight’s opening game. Gymnasts, musicians, and some of the world’s biggest stars will be in attendance!

The best players from all over the world will represent their home countries and fight for a spot at the finals in Rio, and of course they will do it in style. Estetica has compiled a list of our favorite footballer hairstyles:

Cristiano Ronaldo // Forward, Portugal
Ronaldo has gone through many phases with his hair, from shaggy medium-short hair to highlights and mohawks. Hairstylist Miguel Siero from Sile Peluqueros (Madrid) is responsible for some of Portugal’s captain’s most iconic looks. Ronaldo has been sporting this style for quite some time now: the hard-line part and quiff has become a staple in men’s fashion and for players on the field.

Neymar Jr. // Forward, Brazil
Neymar always styles his naturally curly hair. He’s sported blonde streaks at the top of his monhawk. Usually he straightens his hair first and is normally seen with variations of different styled mohawks.

Olivier Giroud // Forward, France
Giroud’s goes for a very polished brush up look. He usually keeps his hair cut short and keeps it a little longer on top to be styled with volume. This trend has been very popular with footballers and celebs. The sides and back of the head in this brush up style can be done with a taper cut or an undercut.

Jack Wilshere // Midfielder, England
The English player’s hair is swept to one side, for one of the most refined and most popular footballer hairstyles. He keeps it at a very short length.

Andrea Pirlo // Midfielder, Italy
One of the football players who’s stuck with his medium length tresses, Pirlo’s natural brown-gold medium length hair always manages to look effortlessly cool.

Gerard Piqué // Defender, Spain
The Ivy League haircut! A crew cut in which the hair on the top is long enough to style with a side part. Pique’s very posh Ivy look with a quiff has been our favorite look he’s experimented with so far.

DeAndre Yedlin // Defender, USA
Yedlin’s two tone mohawk is fun, youthful, and full of energy. Other footballers like Neymar Jr. have also dyed the top bleach. blonde. Yedlin has experimented with his hair from straightening his mohawk to having lines on the side of head for design.

Sergio Agüero // Forward, Argentina
Agüero’s hair is well polished, much like Wilshere’s style, except Sergio keeps his hair a little longer at the top to style.

Diego Forlan // Forward, Uruguay
Forlan usually wears his famous curly blonde tresses down with a headband.

David Luiz // Defender, Brazil
Luiz always wears his tight brown curls loose and down.

Didier Drogba // Forward, Ivory Coast
The powerful Ivorian striker’s hair is different, yet cool. You either love it or hate it, sort of like a retro perm that he pulls back into a little ponytail.

Ciro Immobile // Forward, Italy
Immobile’s hair has a Brush up look, very short on the sides with a quiff that he styles up.

Kyle Beckerman // Midfielder, USA
The fascination with Kyle Beckerman’s dreads is far less about the actual style of his hair and more about fitting his personality!

Mario Balotelli // Forward, Italy
Balotelli has experimented with a few hairstyles as well. His thin mohawk is just one of the many looks he’s tried out.

Sergio Ramos // Defender, Spain
Ramos went from his long straight hair to his side square haircut very easily. He buzzed the sides of his head, and looks like a less drastic mohawk from the side. The difference is that the mohawk also buzzes most of the top of the head.

Keisuke Honda // Midfielder, Japan
Honda’s bleach blonde mohawk has now become a big trend in Japan.

Marouane Fellaini // Midfielder, Belgium
Fellaini’s easy going attitude is highly responsible for his care-free curly afro.

Bacary Sagna // Defender, France
Sagna’s has revealed before that his multi-colored attention grabbing braids were the result of winning a bet. His locks were the ‘reward’ for winning a bet with his father when he was 17.

Raul Meireles // Midfielder, Portugal
Meireles’s style has changed quite a bit. He’s grown out his beard and chopped off his hair. He’s had his famous mohawk for a few years now. 

Paul Pogba // Midfielder, France
Pogba’s faux hawk is fun and different from rest by having bleached blonde lines on the side of his ‘do.

Photos: Getty Images


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