31 January 2023

Entrepreneur Mark Palermo Gives Over-the-Top Leadership Tips!

Interviewed by Winn Claybaugh, Mark delivers an “Over the Top Leadership” message not only for leaders and bosses who hold those titles but also for anyone who wants to use their influence to build better relationships.

Mark Palermo is the Chief Energy Officer of Louisiana-based Vanguard Salon Systems, a full-service distributor representing John Paul Mitchell Systems. He also heads Vanguard Consulting, a leadership consulting firm, and Vanguard College of Cosmetology Paul Mitchell Partner Schools.

Mark and his wife Lisa’s 25-year track record as successful entrepreneurs is a testament to the American Dream. In 1998, they founded their tiny company with 12 employees in a single location comprising 4,000 square feet and first-year revenues of less than $1 million. By 2014, the “Vanguard Nation” (as they affectionately call their organization) employed more than 80 happily involved “Vanguardians” in five operating units comprising nearly 60,000 square feet and topping $10 million in revenues.

As a native New Orleanian, Mark’s humble beginnings were the driving force behind his quest to become a successful entrepreneur, to make something from nothing, and to have a positive impact on those he would lead and serve. Prior to joining the professional beauty industry, Mark worked as a business consultant for Dun and Bradstreet, earning a reputation for perceptive analysis and intuitive foresight. His employees, colleagues, and hometown community revere him as the epitome of extraordinary leadership. As one longtime client says, “Mark’s genuine passion for helping others grow runs as deep and as strong as the mighty Mississippi River.”

Mark’s journey was not without adversity, from a near-death automobile accident to the devastation following Hurricane Katrina, which virtually wiped out everything he and Lisa had worked to create. The stunning manner in which Mark led his organization from the depths of despair and destruction to the stellar reputation they enjoy today was the impetus for his first book, “Over the Top Leadership”.

Mark’s motto, “When life throws you a knock, tack!” serves as his constant reminder about living with agility and passion. Whether he is leading his organization toward the extraordinary, competing in transoceanic yacht racing, scaling the peaks of the world’s highest mountains, or skiing diamond trails in the Colorado Rockies, Mark thrives on the edge. “Live life out on a limb,” he says. “After all, isn’t that where the fruit is?”

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