2 October 2022

Estetica’s Exclusive Interview with Tabatha Coffey!

The famous hairdresser and TV personality from Australia was in Italy for a meeting with Italian hairdressers organized by Wella, and Estetica had the pleasure of sitting down with Tabatha to ask her some of the most interesting questions our Facebook fans had for her!

Tabatha this is your first time in Italy, why with Wella ?
“Because I really like the program ‘Activate Your Salon’ Wella Salon is undertaking, which increases the growth of the salons, and consequently also the education of hairstylists and how to manage a salon.”

What advice would you give to anyone who is starting? What should they do, what should they avoid?
“You have to understand that success requires hard work and investment in yourself. Around the world, every young stylist wants to become a successful professional hairdresser, wants to become rich…and they want it now. But it does not work that way and will never be that way. You must prepare yourself to work hard, invest in yourself, work with your head and especially your heart. Believe in what you do. Investing in yourself is the best thing you can do. Invest in training: you never stop learning. I have been a hairdresser for 35 years and I have not stopped learning.”

Speaking of training , how often should a hairdresser’s courses to be updated?
“It depends on the person. Everyone has a different learning process and attitude. Some are creative cutting and others in styling, but maybe they do not have the same flair in color. You have to choose the talent that most belongs to you. Research is the basis of everything. For this, you have to read magazines with dedication. Look at the pictures, understand what makes trends, study what moves around, understand it and capture it. Another secret is to learn from people who have done this job for a long time: steal through your eyes. And then practice, practice, practice… always and everywhere. If you live in a small town, practice on sheep! Get help from friends and relatives, if you do not practice you do not learn!

Which countries could be considered the top for education?
“There are great schools anywhere in the world. In every country there are problems, solutions, and schools. Now we are so global, with the Internet, and when you sit down at the computer, you know exactly what happens in Paris or what someone is wearing in Los Angeles. For us, hairdressers, Internet is a tool of immense value, because we can see immediately what’s going on in the world. We must not wait any longer, it’s all available. And in this specific case, Wella is a real global player. Through its education program, It provides products, tips, and tricks on how to grow the salon. And it’s all on the Internet. What hairdressers have to do is think big and not small.”

Who would you say are your models?
“I look at what the stylists create. Fashion dictates what will be trendy. What happens on the runways will influence the makeup, the style, the hair… everything! While in the past you were looking at models like Linda Evangelista, Kate Moss or Jessica Stam, now we all look at actors & celebrities: Jennifer Aniston, Kim Kardashian…”

Among the celebrities you have known, which is the one with the look you like the most? And a celebrity that you think needs to change her style?
“The person that I always like to see, whatever look she decides to adopt, is Charlize Theron. Changing style, there are many, but often it simply depends on the circumstances. A mistake on the red carpet can be blamed on the person who created the look, which turns out to be wrong. Or maybe it’s the fault of the wet weather that ruined a perfect hairdo. However, there are many celebrities who make mistakes and leave me speechless…”

Among the questions we have received online for you from our Facebook fans, some relate to the customers over 50. How to treat mature hair? Is it true that after 50 years you should cut your hair short?
50 years is the new 30. If we look around us, we realize that there are many treatments available that allow us to keep us young. Products for skin, hair or even small aesthetic touch-ups (or botox injections). The secret is to feel good about yourself and be confident. If you look good and you’re sure of yourself you certainly don’t need to cut your hair. It is ridiculous to think that when you arrive at age 50 you have to cut your hair or cover up more. As a hairdresser I want women to feel beautiful for their age, even at 100 years old with the tools they have available.”

Have you ever thought about taking your program to Italy?
“Yes, I have. I also want to open a salon in Italy… And I thought I’d move to Italy! Seriously, I’d like to do in the world what I have done in America with ‘Tabatha ‘s Salon Takeover’ and ‘Tabatha Takes Over’.”

By Wilma Sommariva


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