30 November 2021

NAHA 25 Years: Geno Chapman 2013 Contemporary Classic Winner

NAHA is celebrating 25 fantastic years in just a few more weeks, and we had the pleasure of speaking with visionary and stylist extraordinaire Geno Chapman, who won the NAHA title for Contemporary Classic in 2013.

He practices his craft in Beverly Hills on some of Hollywood’s elite. Geno teaches advanced haircutting and styling techniques to the Aveda Network and inspires hairdressers to continually work on perfecting their craft. Check out our exclusive with Geno!

1. What does it mean in the industry to win a NAHA award?
“To me it’s a huge honor and big responsibility to uphold the prestige of what NAHA stands for.”

2. What did NAHA change in your career?
“NAHA inspired me to be creative and really push my limits on how I view my work which then got the wheels of change moving for me a li’l faster.”

3. How did you feel the moment you found out you won?
“It’s a real surreal moment that seems to slow time down and confuses the hell out of you. Was really your name being called) Then it settles in and another wave of anxiety rushes in to make it to the stage gracefully.”

4. Who pushed you to enter?
“My wonderful team that I shoot with, who just happen to be NAHA alumni themselves.”

5. What was the most nerve-wrecking moment you had at NAHA?
“It was trying to hold your composure with all the great talent you’re surrounded by the whole weekend and wanting to run up to everyone and give them a huge hug.”

6. From your experience, what do you think you have to do to win a NAHA?
“I believe you have to trust in your work, your team and don’t forget to have fun in the process.”

7. Which artists do inspire you in your work?
“So many, but I want to definitely to say Allen Ruiz, Janelle Geason and Lupe Voss for their continous giving back to our industry.”

8. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
“Keep winning NAHA’s… LOL”


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