1 April 2023

Aurelio Salon’s Tips For Perfect Hair on Rainy Days!

There is no fighting those unwanted rainy days, so why not embrace it?! Style your hair that works with the weather, not against it. Put away those flat irons and rods and scrunch those lovely locks!

Daisy Rosania from Aurelio Salon (Howell, NJ) doesn’t let the weather ruin her client’s hair, she and her staff advise them to embrace it and use the right products to make every day a good hair day. Fighting Mother Nature never works, she always wins, so Aurelio Salon uses social media to post style equations to give their clients guidance on how to work with the weather when styling. 

Frequently featured for rainy days on their social media sites is a style equation from the KMS Curl Up line for the best curls. The duo of Control Crème and Wave Foam is great for enhancing curls and creating that natural wave while adding some shine. The best part about it, Maximum Frizz control!  

How-To Get The Best Curls:

  1. 1. Use Curl Up Shampoo to improve elasticity and provide hair with bounce.
  2. 2. Apply Curl Up Conditioner in a raking motion through tangles, and then let it sit for 2 minutes. After the curl enhancing technology has done its job, lightly rinse product out.
  3. 3. To remove the excess water from curls, tilt head to the side and in a “scrunching” upward motion use a paper towel or an old t-shirt to absorb moisture. Be sure to start from the ends lifting up to smooth. 
  4. 4. Apply Curl Up Control Crème for curl bundling and frizz control. Emulsify product and work through hair evenly (“scrunching”), to define curls.  
  5. 5. Prior to heat styling, apply Curl Up Wave Foam for soft waves and natural movement. 
  6. 6. Starting at the ends and working up in the same “scrunching” motion; Wave Foam provides protection against frizzing.
  7. 7. Either diffuse hair or allow it to air dry. A diffuser is designed to enhance curls and give them definition without disrupting shape.
  8. 8. After curls are fully dried, slide fingertips underneath hair, place them on the scalp, and very lightly shake at roots to open up curls.

And of course never be afraid to mix it up, embrace the hair accessory trend and opt for a headband to keep curls away from the face or a wear a simple fishtail braid for a more controlled style – also great for 2nd and 3rd day hair. Not to mention, the red carpet trend of hair pinned over to one side while the other side is full of body is perfect for curly haired girls due to natural volume, just pin one side and let the other go natural. 


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