2 March 2024

Meet Revlonissimo’s Ambassadors Halle Berry, Olivia Wilde & Emma Stone!

Thanks to Revlonissimo, Halle Berry, Olivia Wilde and Emma Stone, Revlon Global Brand Ambassadors, are now at salons all over the world!

The three actresses have become the image of Revlonissimo, Revlon Professional’s professional coloring. The campaign, which features the slogan “The Color We Love,” will appear in hairdressing salons around the world throughout 2014.

The Revlon Global Brand Ambassadors, Halle Berry, Emma Stone and Olivia Wilde star alongside the latest innovation from Revlon Professional: Revlonissimo 45 days. “Revlonissimo 45 days is an exciting new innovation that we are thrilled to support with a sophisticated campaign featuring the talented and stylish Halle Berry, Emma Stone and Olivia Wilde,” said Javier Asarta, Chief Marketing Officer at Revlon, Inc. “With the new campaign, Revlon Professional is truly placing salons at the forefront of fashion through hair coloring, which is our premier product.”

The campaign features still images of Wilde with blonde hair, Stone with copper hair and Berry’s signature chestnut crop. The trio of colors spans a modern and contemporary range of hues and is a perfect representation of hair color market trends and the aspirations of today’s consumers. With the new campaign, Revlon Professional underscores its commitment to support professionals with top-quality products, exclusive services and striking imagery that brings style, elegance and class to salons.

Halle Berry, Olivia Wilde and Emma Stone star in the marketing campaign for the latest innovation from Revlon Professional: Revlonissimo 45 days. 3 hair tones, 3 beautiful women, 3 stars show us how, in 2014, Revlonissimo’s love of color has reached new heights. Revlonissimo 45 days is the result of our search for total harmony between beauty, color and care. The first 2in1 shampoo&conditioner specifically formulated to meet the needs of each shade.


The length of time between colorings has increased. Factors such as washing, UVA/UVB rays and heat exposure gradually cause the color to fade. Hair fibers lose their shine, brightness and color, leaving hair dull and lifeless. Revlonissimo 45 days is a mild (sulfate free) shampoo + conditioner that nourishes and moisturizes hair, fighting the dryness and brittleness that is typical of treated hair. What makes it unique is that it helps to maintain brightness through the build-up of pigments that compensate for the gradual loss of color.


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