5 March 2024

Balanced Guru Launches Scalp Detox: An Organic Detoxifying Scalp Treatment

Even your scalp needs a break from time to time. Give your tired roots the rest they need and promote healthy hair growth with Balanced Guru’s Scalp Detox.

100% cruelty-free, recyclable, and biodegradable, this detoxifying scalp treatment is made with USDA certified organic ingredients as a natural way to dissolve oils and buildup for a clean, clear surface. It contains an astringent blend of Oregano, Tea Tree Oil and Rosemary essential oils to begin the detox process. Topically, essential oils work by having small molecular size and low polarity, giving them great mobility to penetrate tissue and leave our systems without leaving any toxins, all in less than 48 hours. The detox process then continues with Algae, Sea Kelp and Brahmi helping to rejuvenate tired roots.

For best results, give your hair a break from styling products as well.

Essential Ingredients:

  1. • Tea Tree Oil – Relieves a dry, itchy scalp while removing sebum and buildup; natural anti-bacterial properties
  2. • Rosemary Essential Oil – Stimulates circulation and removes any bacteria clogging hair follicles
  3. • Oregano Essential Oil – Contains powerful phenols with natural anti-bacterial properties to combat scalp issues like sweat, inflammation and dandruff
  4. • Brahmi Extract – Enhances circulation and strengthens roots for soft, healthy hair
  5. • Sea Kelp – Promotes hair growth and acts as a great moisturizer and soothing agent
  6. • Algae – Heals a damaged scalp and reduces inflammation

Directions: Use dropper to apply directly onto your scalp and gently massage with fingertips. No need to rinse. Use a couple of drops in each area, or a full dropper for the entire scalp.

For more info visit balancedguru.com


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