22 February 2024

#SecretMasterClass by X-Presion, Lobetta, Saco, é Salon + Xavi Garcia

The X-Presion #SecretMasterClass project has reunited the creative talents of é Salon (Australia), Saco Hair (UK), Xavi Garcia and X-Presion (Spain) together with the legendary Robert Lobetta (USA), an extraordinary photographe for all their works.

Where? At the Madrid Neomudejar Art Centre. The Idea? Involve emerging talents in a thrilling jam session with hairdressers of international fame. The result? An unforgettable experience for a new generation of elite.

Watch the #SecretMasterClass amazing video…

  • Concept: X-Presion Producciones
  • Photos: Robert Lobetta
  • Hairstyles: é Salon, Saco Hair, Xavi Garcia, X-Presion
  • Fashion stylist: Carol Gamarra
  • Make up: Lewis Amarante for Max Factor
  • Post-production: Kay Lobetta
  • Video: One Frame


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