5 March 2024

Discover Wella’s Revolutionary Hair Coloring Process Color.id

Estetica attended the premiere of Wella Professionals Color.id in Chicago with acclaimed colorists Jennifer J and Mark DeBolt. So what exactly is Color.id? Check it out…

Color.id is a new generation of hair coloring. It is a unique additive boasting InvisiDivider Technology that, when added to Wella Professionals Koleston Perfect or Illumina Color, creates a unique matrix with the color mass. This matrix acts like a flexible barrier, separating and holding different hair color sections, allowing colorists the ability to place colors side by side without the need for separators, which has never been done before.

Additionally, color can be applied either with tools or by hand, so colorists can intuitively apply color exactly where they want it: dramatizing cut, texture, or style and seeing the design come to life during application. Say goodbye to the days of clients sitting in the salon chair for hours to achieve multi-tonal results, Wella Professionals Color.id is the game changer.

For years, the creative forces at Wella Professionals have been masterminding one of the most impressive and advanced technology in hair color. Bringing together a collection of experts including scientists, trend leaders and colorists, Wella Professionals developed a highly unique color service focusing on product innovation, outstanding results and enhanced salon experience. For the first time, colorists can sculpt, place and separate color next to color – without bleeding or foils, providing colorists with true artistic freedom and leaving behind perfectly blended, breathtaking color results.

The process of coloring has been turned right side up. Leaving behind conventional techniques with supplementary tools and a complex, blending process – Color.id is the future of hair coloring. Now colorists can rediscover their passion for color creation because, for the first time, colorists can place color next to color, using a freehand technique, without bleeding, allowing them to follow their intuition and set their artistic character free to create the most beautiful masterpieces.

Wella Professionals Global Creative Director, Color, Josh Wood notes, “Color.id means I can do something spontaneous and quick that is highly creative. I can use light colors against darker colors and tonal colors against pale colors. The colors that can be created are diverse, which is so exciting.” With Color.id, the possibilities are as limitless as the imagination, ambition and creativity.

As a leader in color innovation, Wella Professionals is dedicated to providing the most luxurious and personalized salon experience possible. With the introduction of Color.id, colorists can now offer clients the highest level of experience because, for the first time, colorists and clients have the ability to make decisions about color service on the spot; they can decide to move from a single process color to a customized, multi-tonal look with little extra time in the salon chair. In turn, this time savings will increase the amount of clients stylists can service each day, driving higher revenue back to the salon.

Additionally, clients’ high level of satisfaction will drive them back to the salon for repeat color services. In fact, rigorous testing has confirmed that 98% of those who experienced Color.id would ask for it again and 95% would recommend it to their friends.  Furthermore, Wella Celebrity Colorist Ambassador, Jennifer J highlights clients’ desire for this type of color service, noting, “The number of beauty and style savvy consumers hungry for an ownable hair color is ever increasing, and with the introduction of Color.id, stylists will now finally be able to deliver multi-tonal, personalized results like never before.”


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