16 June 2024

Fun, Stylish and Flirty, Bella Pilar wins over Joico Fans!

The votes are in and it’s Joico’s fans who win big in the highly engaging, record-breaking, online voting sweepstakes and contest where fans got to choose which design would be used in Joico’s 2014 holiday packaging!

Earlier this year, Joico announced that it had partnered with effervescent artist Bella Pilar to create stylish, sassy, feminine designs for a stunning new collection of Joico gift sets rolling out for the holidays and Joico fans actually went on to cast their individual votes. Voters participated by sharing their vote on Facebook, letting their opinion actually drive the brand’s holiday look –in real-time– for products that they will have the chance to buy later this year.

Not only was their voice heard loud and clear, but all participants also got entered into a chance to win more of Joico’s “Bella Pilar special edition” products and swag offered throughout the year, like: Joico Bella Pilar Edition Special Occasion K-PAK Sets, Joico Bella Pilar Edition Breast Cancer Awareness Duo Sets and Joico Bella Pilar Edition Holiday Gift Sets (both releasing later in the year) as well as an exquisite personalized necklace and more! Many voted and many won! Not only is there a grand prize winner, but 10 runners-up who will receive select Joico “Bella Pilar edition” products, and 100 more random winners who will be getting a Joico “Bella Pilar special edition” iPhone 5 case!

Director of Public Relations for Joico, Valerie Robinett says, “This was a wonderful chance to really engage our fans and let them in on something that’s usually left to executives at a company behind closed doors. Joico opened those doors and fans actually got to participate in the brand’s look and feel.” She goes on to say, “Our partnership with the wonderfully talented Bella Pilar was a fun and whimsical journey for us, and we wanted our fans to not only take the journey with us but really make them a part of the journey, not just a spectator. We’re so glad we did this and we can’t wait to do more things like this with our fans, new and old! We love them all!”

Offered with a free gift inside, the winning “Bella Pilar Holiday design” for Joico will be offered starting as early as this October, in its major shampoo and conditioner duos:

  1. –K-PAK
    –K-PAK Color Therapy
    –Smooth Cure, sulfate-free
    –Color Endure, sulfate-free
    –Body Luxe
    –Moisture Recovery
    –Daily Care

If you missed this sweeps and contest with Joico, not to worry because this was just the start! The folks at Joico have an even more exciting and fun experience for all to partake in and they invite you to participate, so stay tuned!

For more information on that soon and all things Joico, visit Joico.com


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