21 July 2024

Japan: Diptych – Hair Change Museum

Atmosphere evoking a painting by Magritte and relaxation suspended in time…

Ceci n’est pas une pipe. So goes a famous quote from a Magritte painting. And the unusual surreal atmospheres loved by the painter are out in full force in Katsuto Akimichi’s salon, Diptych – Hair Change Museum, a location that offers a totally new vision. Seventy meters in size, this salon seems to be suspended in time, thanks to the tiny lights hanging from the ceiling, the workstation mirrors and the chandeliers.

The effect comes from the neutral walls and floors which give the salon an unexpected sense of lightness despite its solidity. Helping to catch the attention of passers-by outside is a fun optical illusion that superimposes hairdressing-based pictures on clients’ legs as they sit and enjoy the services.

The Shiga salon in Kusatsu City is furnished with designer pieces by Takara Belmont, whose cleancut lines and elegance go perfectly with the surreal vivid mood of the location.



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