5 March 2024

Meet Naja, the Nail Guru

Whether you envision your nails as an extension of your make up, your calling card, or the ultimate fashion accessory, Naja is the “it” girl for the ultimate glam look.

If someone mentions Naja Rickette, you might respond with “Naja Who?”. But if you just hear or read the name Naja, everyone knows immediately who she is. Yep! When your persona needs only one name – you have definitely reached the top! And Naja got to the top by starting out and then burning out as a chef, prompting her to pack her bags and move out west, where she found a job in the spa business and never looked back.

When she finally ventured out on her own, her Extremedys Hand and Foot Spa in West Hollywood soon became the go-to place for celebrities and mere mortals alike. Now she works as a freelance nail stylist and often focuses on her editorial work, which has been featured on covers like Rolling Stone, Marie Claire, Vibe, Seventeen, and LA Confidential. And this year she has rounded out her career and gained even more media visibility as the nail guru on Wetv’s hit reality show LA HAIR.

This celebrity manicurist believes that true trends are born in one of three environs: the underground indie fashion scene, vibes from which inspire runway trends and the masses, and then the big cities like Paris and New York where they spread like contagions. Naja confessed to Estetica that her two true loves are the red carpet and education, saying, Education is a passion of mine. I’m still always learning. I love sharing and teaching others what I have learned. I realized I had become more of a guru than an artist when I started teaching more than I was doing nails myself. However, teaching in itself is an art, so I’m both!”

And for the red carpet? Where does she draw her inspiration? I’m inspired by what’s hot and by whatever is inspiring me at that moment.The clothes usually play a large part in the looks I come up with. I’ll do 5-7 options of nail designs initially, and then fine-tune with the client for the final look,” she responds in her professional manner. So when Miranda Lambert stepped on stage with Naja’s nail bling perfectly in synch with her dress,  it was no surprise she was named US Weekly’s “Best Nails” at the 2013 Grammy Awards!

Nails forecast

  1. –“Minx layered over polish! It’s a great combo that always intrigues. Colored polish mixed with the lace effect or metallic Minx designs are really super cool and unique.”
    – “I would really love having men running around wearing dark blues and black. Now, IT IS NOT for every man, but on a certain few it would be fabulous.”
    -–“Fast action nail art and simple, classic looks will make a come back, like bright, bold colors and opaque nudes.”

By Marie Scarano


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