11 December 2023

Cosmetologists Chicago New Hi-Wi Hair: Spring 2014

From soaring downtown high-rises, to wide-open prairies just to the west and the undulating waves of Lake Michigan…

…creating never-ending textures, the City of Chicago, home to America’s Beauty Show, offered inspiration and motivation to the Cosmetologists Chicago Photo Trend Team that created Hi-Wi Hair for 2014!

Co-Director Karen Gordon, of J. Gordon Designs, says Hi-Wi Hair is all about VOLUME! We’ve taken salon styling to new dimensions while maintaining a sense of wearability. We’re all looking to reverse past seasons’ flat, overly straight hair, and bring texture into the hair fashion conversation with our clients. Hi-Wi Hair accomplishes our goal.”

The Cosmetologists Chicago 2014 Photo Trend Team also included Co-Director John Gialluisi, of Mario Tricoci Salons and Spas; Paul Chambers, of Kuttin’Ege Salon; Laura Kelley-Hayes, of The East Studio Salon; Sarah Koseck and Fran Ciolla, of Mario Tricoci Salons & Spas; Paul Wilson, of Art + Science Salons; and Chloe Zolo, of J. Gordon Salons.

The past three years CC has invited more than 20 hairdressers and 20 assistants from salons throughout the Chicagoland area to participate on the Photo Team, leading to the development of both the Hi-Wi and Androge collections.

“The thing that’s really cool about Cosmetologists Chicago,” noted John Gialluisi while on set, “is that we bring everyone together from all over the area. There are no egos in the room! Everyone on the team has an open mind and is excited to be part of this shoot. It’s an honor, really, to be chosen to represent Chicago in this way.”

Each salon group created two special textured and volume looks, and each interpreted Hi-Wi Hair to accent the color, texture and facial shape of their model. Braids were incorporated into some of the looks to capture the popularity of this strong movement in salons…especially during spring months of proms, weddings and other events encouraging salon-done up-do’s.

Hi-Wi Hair How-To’s

All the teams used a potpourri of styling products and tools, along with individual talents and imagination to create Hi-Wi Hair.

Paul Chambers and Tifany Constantine, of Kuttin’Ege, French-braided their model with no product added. After taking down the braids, Paul added a moisturizing cream to control frizz and maintain the fine-textured hair, then used a pick to open up the texture from roots to ends. Previously, they warmed her natural dark, ash brown color with a rich warm red-orange base and 5-volume highlights to emphasize the texture.

Laura Kelley-Hayes and Erica Everson, of The East Studio Salon, first set the hair in large brick-layered sections with a figure-eight pattern around large hairpins, then set each pin section with a flat iron. After removing pins, they expanded the texture with their fingers, added wefts to create length and shape, and backcombed for a light and airy texture. They even sewed the shape in place with extension thread and needle!

They added a French braid into a second, asymmetric look. Dry shampoo and volumizing powder, along with mousse and heat protective spray, were used along with a shimmery pomade to help smooth the base with a high shine and gloss.

Sarah Koseck and Fran Ciolla, of Mario Tricoci Salons & Spas, first sectioned and crimped, then teased the crown to create volume. It was really “hand-built” by sectioning and tucking, teasing and pinning to give it a base. That’s all her natural hair!

Internal texture was added for a second look that also incorporated braids as a base and then flat-ironing the braids for even more texture. A lot of dry texture spray and powder was used.

Chloe Zolo, of J. Gordon Designs, first sectioned the crown to create a deep wave on their short hair model. Previously, they had added a few dimensional lowlights to her bleached and toned hair. To achieve desired height, the hair was backcombed at the root, then sprayed and “set” with a blow dryer.

A fishtail braid… slightly “messed up” to add texture… was added for a second, more dramatic look.

Paul Wilson, of Art + Science Salons, gave his male model a haircut that combined classic barber-style shaping at the nape, juxtaposed with a loose, modern, textural interior.  Using a firm hold men’s gel to give him a strong base to create any finished look, Paul blew the hair dry with hands, added a clay product and created first a loose finish then a more groomed style. “Nothing fussy,” says Paul, “for male clients in Spring 2014.”


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