18 July 2024

Wella Says Goodbye to Sochi 2014!

The Wella Salon closed its doors yesterday, the last day of the Winter Olympics. Russia took home the most medals, 33 in total and USA came in second with 28 medals total!

For the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Wella Professionals were non-stop! In the P&G Family Home, Wella signed and housed Wella hairdressers from Russia, the United States, Italy and the Nordic countries who fully catered to athletes and their mothers, to provide color, cut, restructuring, and styling services for each guest. They also had beauty consultations offered by Olay, Max Factor and Cover Girl make-up services, and they even had Gillette shaves.

And the last “beauty team” at the P&G Family Home was from Norway and Finland: Katrine Helland, Morten Eiknes, Tuula Jääskeläinen, and Pilvi Backman. They were the architects of some interesting transformations. With combs, brushes and scissors, they changed the look of Italy’s Valentina Marchei, Katrine Helland (mother of the U.S. ice hockey athletes, Jocelyne and Monique), the Austrian athlete Gregor Schlierenzauer, and the German ski jumping specialist, Daniel Wende who transformed into a sexy new look.

The curtain is now closed and we can’t believe that the Sochi Winter Olympics are officially over. Now we will have to wait for the next Olympics to relive the athletes (and beauty professionals) magical moments together!


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