5 March 2024

Redken’s Guido creates a modern shaped bob for Marc Jacobs

This season, Redken Creative Consultant Guido created a very modern shaped bob, which seems new in a way for Marc Jacobs. In the past, Guido has done choppy, punk inspired styles for this show.

The cut is quite blunt, but the style and finish stems from a high-end conception of hair that requires an immaculate finish. The use of wigs only added another level of perfection to this chic hairstyle.

The idea of tonality played heavily into the whole design aesthetic for Marc Jacobs. When Marc and I met to discuss the hairstyle, he presented a very clear conception of the color swatches and make up shades that he had in mind. As a result, the tonality of the haircolor, the make up and the clothing were all paired together to give a monochromatic hue from head to toe, said Guido, Redken Creative Consultant.

Redken Products Used: Hardwear 16 super-strong sculpting gel, Satinwear 02 prepping blow-dry lotion, Iron Shape 11 finishing thermal spray, Control Addict 28 extra high-hold hairspray.

Create the Look:

  1. – Apply Hardwear 16 super-strong sculpting gel to dry hair from root to ends and comb through until hair is completely saturated
  2. – Divide hair into two sections (top and bottom) in the back
  3. – Clip the bottom section down and out of the way
  4. – Using a finishing brush, start to brush the top section flat against the head, following the round of the head in one direction. Repeat with each section, making sure it’s very clean and neat-looking when finished
  5. – Blow dry hair until completely dry
  6. – Apply Control Addict 28 extra high-hold hairspray to smooth any flyaways
  7. – Place wig on head
  8. – Apply Satinwear 02 prepping blow-dry lotion to damp hair
  9. – Blowdry hair with natural bristle brush for a smooth finish
  10. – Spray Iron Shape 11 finishing thermal spray on hair
  11. – Use a flat iron to straighten hair from root to ends
  12. –Comb hair back and place headband on head
  13. – Spray Control Addict 28 extra high-hold hairspray for a perfected finish

Photos by Greg Kessler for Redken


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